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New York Times on John Tory: “uniquely charmless,” “rich white man,” “entitled,” “old WASP elite”


“The two front-runners are Doug Ford — Rob’s brother — and John Tory, with Mr. Tory holding a narrow lead in recent polls. They have indulged in the uniquely charmless rhetoric of rich white men calling each other privileged.”


“Mr. Tory is a way back to the old WASP elites with their unspeakably vast sense of entitlement.”

Story here.

That all sounds about right.

Nothing good happened (except gridlock, legislative and vehicular) during the Rob Ford years because the mayor was a drug addicted basket case. Nothing will happen (except dithering and dotage) during the John Tory years – if he wins, it’s between him and Doug Ford, at this point – because he is a charmless, entitled, WASPy, old rich guy who ran because he wanted redemption and he figured he could beat the overweight crack addict and the Chinese socialist.

People get the governments they deserve.


  1. Philippe says:

    You’re getting more grouchy with age Warren… although I agree it’s a sad-sack slate of candidates. Thank god we have Watson in Ottawa. He ain’t perfect but comparatively speaking, we have it good.

  2. jeff316 says:

    This is the best sum-up of the election I’ve seen.

    “because he is a charmless, entitled, WASPy, old rich guy who ran because he wanted redemption and he figured he could beat the overweight crack addict and the Chinese socialist.”

  3. graham watt says:

    We’re fucking doomed on many political levels.

  4. star sailor says:

    Just think if John does win will have to have new car spots on plaza for John’s buddlies as they come calling.

  5. Luke says:

    “People get the governments they deserve.”

    What ever happened to “The people are always right” from the other day? *Poke poke*

  6. debs says:

    See Warren I was right….ya should have run, you could have phoned it in!

  7. Ron says:

    At least there is hope that issues at City Hall will be issues and not “issues”.

  8. Harvey Bushell says:


    It’s pretty depressing but first things first. We need to get rid of this blight, this infestation called the Fords. No matter how much of a privileged out of touch jackass Tory is at least he’s a step up from the current degenerate in the mayors office.

    He’s going to win largely due to strategic voting and Chow’s going to lose because of one of the worst, lackluster mayoral campaigns ever but once Tory is sworn into office at least we’ll be able to say, truthfully, that the only reason he’s mayor is because he isn’t a Ford. He’ll know it too and that gives me some satisfaction

    Then in 4 years maybe Mr Goldkind, who’s impressed me, will have enough recognition to be a top tier candidate. I’d vote for him this year if it wasn’t for that damned strategic thing that’s forcing my hand.

  9. T. Lum says:

    John Tory and Doug Ford both represent the swan song of “white privilege” in Toronto, indeed in Canada and the world. Even the English themselves are aware of this growing problem. Journalist Doug Saunders describes this “ethnic problem”: “The English … have become a drag on British society…white English are falling behind economically, scholastically, and socially…unlike the island’s other ethnic groups, low-income members of the English community seem determined to stay poor and uneducated. In measures of alcohol abuse, ‘trouble with police while drinking’ and lawbreaking, they outrank any other ethnic group in Britain (except the Irish)” – Saunders correctly identifies this subpopulation as the benchmark of degeneracy.

    Business has realized the sloth and attitudes of entitlement among native populations and is moving entirely to foreign workers. For example, John Betts, CEO of McDonald’s Canada, well summarized the strong medicine needed to deal with native Canadians: “We are a big, bad corporate company you know, bad company. And these poor, maligned employees, are who they are. Yes they are disenfranchised. Some of them don’t work for us anymore. But in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter…And in dealing with government, the smartest move for us was to pre-empt their move in terms of suspending us,” (CBC).

    Saunders outlines the need for more foreign workers: “Since this is a chronically underpopulated country with an aging population and an inadequately sized consumer and taxpayer base for its geography and culture, there is no reason for Canada to make any of its immigrants anything other than permanent. Those who say “Canadian jobs for Canadians” are right: We should continue to attract immigrants who want to do these jobs, and we should make sure they are able to become Canadians, as quickly as possible.” Granted, the two million unemployed or underemployed Canadians (like English) may present an obstacle, but, as the Canadian state now has internationalist operatives at the very top, it is anticipated it will be able to suppress counterproductive elements via state surveillance and corrective labour settlements in the Canadian north.

    In the big picture, global democracy – the only true democracy as it is uncontaminated by bourgeois nationalism – is shining a spotlight on corruption and injustice the world over. including Canada’s immigration record. If this recalcitrant subpopulation reflected the global social proportional reality, 60% of the Canadian population would be Asian, 15% African – i.e. 19% from the People’s Republic of China, 18% India, 4% Indonesia, 3% Pakistan and Nigeria, 2% Bangladesh, 2% Russia, and so on. Taken as a ratio against one hundred million, only 9%/9 million of the Canadian subpopulation should be of European origin – thus proving the rampant greed of the European settler population which refuses to share fairly the bounty of the New World with the Mother Civilizations. Canada is an apartheid state.

    To remedy this situation, two protocols must be immediately implemented. Immigration quotas should be increased to a minimum of 2 million per year following the above ratios. (Vancouver airport alone processes 20 million travellers per year; Atlanta 90 million; Beijing 86 million; Toronto 36 million.) To their credit, the business community, captains of industry, and financial institutions support this initiative. The new Canadians will form a mighty labour pool to build housing, roads, and infrastructure. If one considers building booms like Dubai – where construction workers are paid 1 or 2 dollars per hour – these new workers will be thrilled at the prospect of 3 or 4 dollars. Conversely, it must be admitted that native-born workers have a tendency towards sloth, unnecessary unionization, and a counterproductive sense of entitlement. As the English bible says: “those that won’t work, let them not eat” (Lenin). Second, reproduction rates of native-born Canadians must be further lowered to achieve the equitable 9% ratio. Broad active measures such as the campaign to fully legalize cannabis and dispensed opiates are fulfilling this objective to tranquilize these stubborn breeds.

    The neo-fascist coup in Ukraine proves that nationalism remains a dangerous force set against human progress. The Chinese had legally leased 5% of Ukraine’s farmland in a fair arrangement to feed China’s hungry population. Yet, the fascists overthrew the pro-humanitarian regime in favour of nationalist thugs. How reminiscent of unreformed kulak elements during the Three Years of Natural Disasters causing 45 millions to starve! We believe, in time, the Russian comrades will restore order in Ukraine. In time, the Russian comrades will reclaim their traditional control of Canadian Arctic and Alaska as reparations of the Imperialist Cold War.

    Fortunately, reason is taking root among the political class in Canada. Justin Trudeau, with eyes wide open, sees the wisdom of the Chinese model of “basic dictatorship” to crystalize the will of the people and protect it from bourgeois notions like extensive private property and byzantine legal traditions. Finally, a truly “just society” will pay meaningful reparations via immigration for the horrors of the British Empire. Prime ministerial hopeful Jason Kenney has earned the nickname “Smiling Buddha” for his open-hearted acceptance of throwing open the gates to Canada and welcoming in the historical victims of the Imperial European. In conclusion, the black and brown people of the world are expressing their will via Global Democracy. The gates to the New World must be opened wide to the impoverished masses! Just as the Great Helmsman Chairman Mao nurtured the Chinese population from 550 to over 900 million, Internationalism is the New Blossom Spring of the underdeveloped New World!

    • sezme says:

      Gee, it’s almost as though you took the subject of the mayoral race in Toronto and used it as an excuse to expound on your worldview/dissertation/evil plan/delusional state/satirical essay (I’m not sure which of these it was, but it was entertaining)!

    • nimblejack says:

      Jesus. Too bad there is no such thing as ‘white privilege’ except in the warped minds of special interests with their hands out.

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