10.09.2014 03:45 PM

She concludes at the end, there, by reminding me she’s “only asked for money twice”

Welcome to my life.



  1. Ridiculosity says:

    She’s only asked for money twice?

    My daughter asked me for money twice already today.

    But your kid’s right. You do have great hair. For now.

  2. David_M says:

    My two (young)adult daughters insist its my responsibility to ensure they have cellphone/data coverage and the latest connectable device.

    ‘After all daddy, how are we supposed to contact you when we need you?’

    Dad concedes defeat

  3. Pipes says:

    Hahahahaha. Yep, been there, still doin that……..

    Speaking of cartoons-Chow’s cartoon commercials are ridiculous. Is she trying to get children to vote or what?

  4. davie says:

    Get used to it…then you will be more relaxed about it.

  5. Student501 says:

    very smart daughter, very smart indeed…

    “However much you think your perfect daughter deserves”

    From here it looks like Game, Set, Match. I can envision the $$$ flying out of your wallet.

    Please, don’t let her coach any of my daughters, my financial capabilities can only go so far

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    The key is giving them a stipend per month before they ask. That way they don’t ask for more in fear of being asked: “What did you do with $XX.” That way they learn to budget.

    Make it reasonable and fair (based on your circumstance in time).

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