11.10.2014 08:10 AM

Carl Wilson writes, Leah McLaren writes

Him, last week:

“So what should you have done, back when there were only rumors and snaky vibes? Refused to be a guest on Q? Scowled and been uncivil to Jian in public? Should you have tried to expose him? You didn’t have much to go on, and you are not an investigative reporter. Then again, you used to work as an editor at a Toronto newspaper. You could have urged someone to look into it. It just didn’t seem clear enough. So you took it too lightly.”

Her, this week:

“At the same time, there was – and is — something about the “conversation” that bothered me. Something hypocritical and queasy-making. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I read an essay about the Toronto media community’s moral complicity in the Ghomeshi scandal and the culture of sexism and abuse it exposed. The essay – which many friends were passing around admiringly on social media — was written by the man who’d groped me.”

I wonder who she is talking about?


  1. doris says:

    Publish the essay further on when Leah goes on to relate how the editor who groped apologised – complete story please!

  2. davie says:

    ‘T’wasn’t me!

    I don’t grope people unless they ask me to grope them…and that hardly ever happens.

    davie, would you grope me?
    I don’t feel the need to grope you, Miss Lollabrigida.
    But, davie, I feel the need for you to grope me. After you finish reading that blog, will you grope me?
    Oh, alright. Just wait until I check out this thread.
    Are you going to comment on it? You know how long that takes you.
    Are you in a hurry?
    No! I’ll wait.

    My apologies, Monday morn, fantasy, and foolishness got the better of me.
    We sure are getting a lot of speculative stuff, perhaps to make up for the paucity of substance.

  3. W the K - No, not Warren says:


  4. Houland Wolfe says:

    I guess that this post answers the question “what is innuendo?”

  5. patrick says:

    So we’ve moved on to it being CBC’s fault to Media’s fault. I wonder how long it’s going to take for it to be a person (s) fault.

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