11.05.2014 10:42 AM

MPs across the Hill crapping their pants.

…so said a Sun News colleague to me. (My response: “No kidding. Good!”)

Maybe that’s the one good thing coming out of the Ghomeshi case: it’s starting to change our world. It’s about time, no?

Oh, and good on Trudeau for making this move, so swiftly. That’s how it’s done, Party That Gave Us Jack Ramsay.

Story here.


  1. SusanQ says:

    Only two?

    • ottawacon says:

      That is only the ones dumb enough to have target other MP’s, peers over whom they don’t actually have any power. If the scope extends to just Hy’s, the Commons might struggle to have quorum some days

  2. Lance says:

    This issue is beyond partisan politics. Good job, Mr. Trudeau. And thank you.

    • Lance says:

      Okay, please tell me it isn’t true that Trudeau actually made this announcement BEFORE telling both of these female MPs that he was going to make an announcement. Why the hell wouldn’t he tell them first at least?!

      Oh fer fuck sakes, come ON!

  3. MississaugaPeter says:

    After the media and politics, next should be the clean up in universities.

    As the father of two daughters in university, I am alarmed how often the male professor with the female student over the line relationship is considered acceptable by Hollywood and us the audience. But have I done anything about it. Nope. I am like the masses complacent even when I see a wrong.

    We are being programmed to look the other way by the media and our politicians. In a democracy we are so often lied to that there is no more outrage.

    Ghomeshi hopefully will be the start of a full scale assessment of the world around us. Unfortunately, my hope will not come to fruition since it is nothing more than the “flavour of the month”. Like youth unemployment, poverty, food banks, etc., it will discussed and lamented, and then shelved before it is really resolved.

  4. ABlanas says:

    That seems to indicate it was non-consensual situation with the NDP members. The other question is, how much screwing around happens among MPs of various parties that IS consensual??

    • Reality.Bites says:

      It’s a question, but not one that deserves an answer. What consenting adults do is none of your business, regardless of whether or not they’re MPs.

  5. Ron says:

    Paxil anyone ? Prozac ? Zoloft ? These all help suppress “the urge”.

    There ought to be mint bowls of the stuff in every caucus room.

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    Sorry Les,

    Even though JT did the right thing (what else could he really do?),
    this kind of thing is NOT “a win-win scenario for the Liberals.”

  7. Greg from Calgary says:

    More than MPs are crapping their pants. Doubt this behavior is limited to them. But, watch everyone who works or worked there now claim they never saw this type of stuff going on.

    Read this:


  8. Just Askin' says:

    I’d imagine that SW (former G&M) and JM (political consultant/terrible writer) are crapping their pants and hoping that their low profiles are enough to keep them out of trouble. At least one of them has actually crapped his pants as an adult.

  9. Chris Reddy says:

    it is still the act of one of the world’s most irrelevant governments. Who cares what the pomposity gallery in Ottawa does, says or doesn’t. They together with their friends in the various provincial repositories for the irrelevant elite have managed to make a tax system which is verging on the unbearable. All to make them powerful. Canada is a sad saggy over governed place.

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