11.13.2014 01:49 PM

Robert Ghiz

Twelve years is a good long run.  He’d be a huge asset as Trudeau candidate.

Who think he’ll go federal?


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    110% FOR SURE!

    Meets the age requirement.

    A friend of JT so if he stumbles in 2015 will have JT’s back for a second run.

  2. Corey says:

    If he does it’ll be bye-bye to Gail Shea.

  3. Kevin T. says:

    I think in due time, Trudeau will have quite a formidable team, certainly as opposed to the potted plants, trained seals and soulless automatons of the Cons who basically only represent a one man team. C’mon October 2015!

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    When they aren’t talking, they are usually running. He says he isn’t but wait until an offer comes that he can’t refuse.

  5. WDM says:

    As of now, the Liberals have nominated 3 of 4 candidates in PEI. The nomination in Egmont (Gail Shea’s riding) is in nine days. It looks like someone would have to decide against running again for Ghiz to run this time around. Not sure who’d that be. Ghiz is from Charlottetown and it’s tough to see Casey going anywhere (he’s a one-term MP). McCauley maybe? Though not sure trying to run in a riding you’re not resident in is something that flies as well in Atlantic Canada as it does elsewhere. We’ll see. Regardless, he’d be a very good asset to the Trudeau Team.

  6. rod says:

    He will jump on the Justin Bandwagon and Liberals will sweep PEI in October 2015!! Ghiz becomes part of the Trudeau Shadow Cabinet going into the election.

    If Conservatives win another majority government, PEI can say goodbye to any federal government goodies. It’s a high stakes game and Ghiz may be going all-in with PEI’s future.

  7. Mark H says:

    Consider this: Ghiz is young enough that even if JT makes it a 12 year stretch, at that point, Ghiz would still be in his early fifties.

  8. Terry Quinn says:

    Say goodbye to Gail Shea after the next election.

  9. JH says:

    Obviously WK those commenting have absolutely no insight into PEI politics. There are 4 ridings in PEI. Hillsborough where Robert Ghiz and family have lived all their lives, is Charlottetown and surrounding areas. That is where his political strength lies. It is represented by first term MP Sean Casey, who also hails from a very well-connected poltical family. There is not a chance he will step aside for Ghiz. Long term Libera MPs and former cabinet ministers Wayne Easter and Lawrence MacAulay represent two other outlying rural ridings on each side of Hillsbourough – there is not a chance that Ghiz could parachute in one of them and survive. He knows that he would risk too much political capital to even consider it. Finally Minister Gail Shea represents Western PEI as a Conservative and has a solid core of supporters there. She has done
    exceptionally well by her constituents and they know it, even her opponents. Plus the candidates for the Liberal nomination have already been announced there and the politiking well underway. Ghiz and his advisors know full well, he can’t even consider getting involved this time around. He will not run.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      JH, no insight at all in PEI politics is correct. But my spider sense goes into over drive when you say that 2 of the 3 are “long term Liberal MPs and former cabinet ministers” and there is still a PEI riding without a candidate.

      Long term anything (other than long term personal friends), especially long term Liberals (see Liberal senators), are dispensable in the court of the Sun King. There are also precedents (as it is his right as Liberal leaders before him have done) for his Majesty to just drop a preferred candidate onto a riding in the middle of a nomination battle.

      I believe Robert Ghiz is afraid his fortune could drop like another former, young, whippersnapper premier who stayed around one too many elections in the Maritimes before heading to Ottawa. Bernard Lord.

      I agree with WK 110% that Ghiz would be a “huge asset” to Trudeau.

      • JH says:

        Islanders are some of the most savvy people going when it comes to local politics. And they vote! Among the highest turnout in the country. You don’t ‘parachute’ candidates in anywhere and expect them to survive. Too many interconnected political families across PEI, grit and Tory to risk offending anyone.
        BTW -Robert Ghiz will not be Trudeau’s C of S, win or lose. Trust me – will never happen.

  10. MF says:

    I would fully vet him before running him as a candidate. His government ran an immigration program (PNP) under which his father in law’s firm raked in millions. Perhaps hundreds of millions. Many are wondering what consideration was given for this money and where it is now. The program had to be stopped by the feds in part due to the abuses occurring in PEI. He likely would not get the same kid gloves treatment he has received in PEI over this matter on the federal scene.

  11. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    Mr. Ghiz may not run because of the reasons outlined above by JH, but he may be in the running for the Chief of Staff position to PMJT. Young, brilliant, bilingual, well connected, respected across Canada. Perhaps we will see a power triumvirate of second generation Liberal politicians. Justin son of Pierre, Dominic son of Roméo, and Robert son of Joe. It would be fun to watch. Le Dauphin et ses deux Éminences grises.

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