11.02.2014 07:45 AM

W@AL on the Beach

So great is my dedication to you, the viewing audience, I risked it all to file this incredible report. You’re welcome.

Watch, and marvel.


  1. Terry Quinn says:

    Of more importance to me is the ND hat you were wearing. I, and three others, will be going to the football game at South Bend on Nov. 15 against North Western. This is my 4th trip to a game there in the last 6 years and it still gets the adrenaline going even though I’m not an alumni. But it is the Irish Catholic team!!!

    We are number 6 nationally and beat Navy yesterday.


  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    And Notre Dame is a great academic university to boot. Only Canadian universities that rank higher are Toronto, McGill and UBC.

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