12.28.2014 10:58 AM


My Twitter take, on a rainy NYC morning.  Link here.



  1. davie says:

    It’s a republic…they got rid of that royal family stuff long ago. Surely an egalitarian democracy of over 300 million people would come up with parties and candidates of a wider variety.

  2. sezme says:

    Ugh! There are so many reasons I’m glad not to live in the US anymore.

  3. Joe says:

    How the HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS do the Yanks pick their leaders?! I thought they had scraped the bottom of the barrel when they picked GWB then they went lower and picked Oblamo now they are dithering between Joke and Shrillery? As my British Mum asks, “How did such stupid people become so powerful?”

  4. Brachina says:

    Canada is hardly one to talk, Justin’s Wannbe dynasty anyone?

  5. Robert Viera says:

    Americans liked George W. Bush over Al Gore as the person they’d rather have a beer with too.

    How’d that work out for America?

    Maybe it would have turned out better if the President’s job was to drink beer.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Agreed. Add to that the sexist reflex action and Hillary is in deep doo doo. All Jeb needs is one third of Latinos and voila.

    If the Dems are smart, they know Kirsten Gillibrand’s phone number. She could very well win a third term for Democrats.

  7. ruder boy says:

    Elizabeth Warren v. Mario Rubio, anyone?

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