12.14.2014 01:34 PM

Help wanted

Looking for an experienced and bonded cleaning person – for a small firm and some residential stuff, too. Between Midtown and East End. Got any recommendations?


  1. davie says:

    If we all work it right, in a few months, there will be some Conservative ex MP’s looking for work.

  2. Kevin says:

    Just a suggestion. Local adult literacy programs (I was a long-time director of one here in Ottawa), social services agencies and so on often will offer their students/clients apprenticeship/temporary job opportunities. The objective is to get something to put on a resume in order to get the person back on their feet (so necessarily short-term, say 6 months or so). Because the objective is to get resume material and prove themselves trustworthy, people in these categories are often highly motivated and meticulously honest. Keeping that in mind, is bonding still an issue? You may want to start thinking along those lines.

  3. socks clinton says:

    Give me the keys to your liquor cabinet and your WiFi password and I’ll do it for free.

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