12.10.2014 03:05 PM

My decision



  1. Ridiculosity says:

    Decades ago I swore I would never purchase a copy of The Toronto Sun ever again, but on Friday I will make an exception to that rule.

  2. Pat says:

    Probably a good idea. My mother just informed me on the weekend that she’s not voting for Justin. This is the hardest of very hard science. If Justin can’t persuade my mother, the Liberals are dead.

  3. Kevin T. says:

    I will read it first thing (after first checking out the Sunshine girl).

  4. Pat says:

    On another note, I work somewhat closely with my local city counsellor. There is very little to no glamour in her role. It is long hours, lots of harassment from constituents over minute issues, and little pay. Despite the mountains of belly-aching about sleaze in the profession, my heart goes out to these people. I wouldn’t do it. And I don’t blame you for avoiding it for any number of reasons.

  5. Brachina says:

    I think it has to do with Trudeau only getting worse on interfering with nominations, he’s now getting sued in Orleans, and has a massive Sihk revolt in BC because of interference on behalf of the WSO, in addition to the law suit in Trinity Spadina already against the Liberal Party.

    • Kevin T. says:

      And when he becomes PM, none of that will matter. They’re just wishing they were on the same rocket to power as well.

      • West Coast jim says:

        Exactly – people only fight for nominations when they think they are going to be in gov’t. Nobody is fighting for a Tory/NDP nomination.

        • Chris says:

          On top of that, absolutely nobody in the general voting public cares about these “nasty nomination battles” once the writ is dropped.

        • Matt says:

          There have been several nasty battles for Tory nominations.

          Including CURRENT MP’s like Eve Adams and Rob Anders losing.

          As a CPC supporter , I gotta say, I’m not all that unhappy about anders.

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    There is no room for senators or punks or fogies in the Trudeau-Liberal-hipster tent.

    Generational change should have been handed off to LeBlanc.

    • Matt says:

      Warren can’t be any older thar Liberal “star” candidate Andrew Leslie.

      But the military taught Leslie to follow orders. 😉

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      I was hoping WK would be a one-off like Leslie.

      They probably didn’t like the name of his band either. I can’t see it resonating among middle class soccer moms.

      Or Justin just didn’t want to compete with WK in the looks department. There are a few ladies (and I suspect men) out there who find WK more attractive than Justin.

  7. Marcus says:

    Lame. But I respect your decision. Even though it’s the wrong one.

  8. Matt says:

    Not to offend, but I never really pictured you as an MP. You would have to stifle your own opinions to tow the party line. I get the feeling that would drive you bat shit crazy.

    You, in my opinion, would fit much better at the municipal level where you’d be free to speak your mind and not be beholden to a party/leader.

    I hoped you would have run for Toronto council in October. Your clashes with whoever became mayor would have been legendary.

  9. Jeff says:

    Put out feelers and was shunned?

  10. bigcitylib says:

    At first I thought this post was a follow-up to “Portrait of Depravity”, but apparently not.

  11. Brachina says:

    If he wins, if he keeps making gaffes that gets more and more unlikely.

    @Pat You have a Bellweather Mother, I find that amusing.

  12. John Daly says:

    Good for you Warren. I think you’ve taken a wise decision. Partisan politics may never have been an “honourable” profession, beyond our naive and wishful ideas about it, and it’s more corrupt by the day. It’s just too god damned destructive. You provide a valuable service with your analysis and when you lose your temper, well…you’re just lots of fun. You would have had to give up your Irish temper. That’s too much to ask of any Irish man. Your pal Sean O’Daly

  13. Tim says:

    I hope it’s honest. I’m a fan, but pragmatically and honestly speaking you’re too much of a liability for them and a detraction from Trudeau. If you’re going to run for the Libs, make it the leadership at some point in the future.

  14. Tiger says:

    Said back when it was floated that it’d be a fun race to watch, in Toronto-Danforth.

    Slightly disappointed it won’t come to pass.

    Interested to read the column tomorrow.

  15. BrianK says:

    Good call. The life of the opposition MP is decidedly unglamorous, and your ability to get things done for constituents and the public at large is limited. Far from certain you’d make it into cabinet if Justin ever becomes PM owing to your propensity to shoot from the hip. You can have more fun, make more money and be a more ardent advocate for political change by doing what you’re already doing.

  16. Bobby says:

    I’m glad of it. I think it’s because Warren’s too outspoken and couldn’t keep quiet if he ever saw anything untoward going on even in the party he supports.

    Good call IMO.

    I think he’s more valuable on the outside for the moment.

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