01.08.2015 11:50 PM

Airhead Global TV meat puppet, explained

So, when I go to Raptors games, I’m confronted with the same thing over and over: the advertising of the Diamond and Diamond “law firm” everywhere I look. I won’t call them ambulance chasers, because that would be mean. But, in recent months, I’ve sometimes been moved to comment on how their public relations efforts bestow such dignity on the profession of law.

Around the same time, and out of wide blue yonder, head Global TV bingo caller Leslie Roberts went after me, big time, on Twitter. He tweeted about how a client needed to “fire @kinsellawarren’s firm”! I found it a bit weird that he would do that. A columnist, sure. But a news anchor? Weird.

Anyway, I blocked the moron and forgot all about it. Until tonight.

Tonight, the Star published a Kevin Donovan special revealing how Leslie Roberts had secretly been an owner of PR firm whose clients he regularly featured on Global TV – without ever disclosing they were clients.

And guess who one of those clients was? Take it away, Mr. Donovan:

What Roberts said he has never revealed, to viewers or to Global, is that he is “creative director” and part owner of BuzzPR, which provided Diamond and Diamond lawyers with media training and helped them get featured on Global news.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s all a great big coincidence, and that Leslie Roberts – as he figures out the complexities of the EI system – will have a compelling explanation for this and many other coincidences.


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    Mike Sloan says:

    I love it when stories like this come out.

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    Wade says:

    You have to wonder why someone wants to kick food out of your mouth for no reason. Warren sometimes I think people want to take you on because the want to build their own reputation as a fighter. You were right to block him on twitter and perhaps you should have gone down the rabbit hole to find out why the “meat puppet” was coming after you in the first place.

    But at least you get to witness the poetic justice of him working his way through the E.I system. Even more so when he finds out he is not able to collect for being fired with cause.

    Happy 2015 Warren may it be the best one yet for Daisygroup , your clients and family.



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    sezme says:

    We could use a few more Kevin Donavans. He seems to be one of the few people seriously interested in cleaning up this town.

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    JH says:

    He’s only one of many in the media who have embarrassed themselves of late – re Hebdo Charlie’s cartoons, Ghomeshi, scandal mongering, if it bleeds it leads mentatility and so on. It goes back to the days when Glen McGregor ran contests concerning the PM’s daughter and beyond. This is what the media for the most part is today. And they wonder why we do not trust them?

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Well I guess all anchors are good actors to some degree because he came across as a genuinely nice, unbiased professional. Shows what I know! (I was always sqwicked out by Ghomeshi though, he didn’t fool me…)

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    Reality.Bites says:

    The thing that shocked me the most out of all this is Global having the journalistic integrity to suspend him.

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    TimL says:

    Maybe he can start a new PR firm with Amanda Lang http://canadalandshow.com/article/amanda-lang-tried-sabatoge-cbc-story-scandalized-rbc-who-paid-her

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    damien74 says:

    Oh snap! I bet that made you really happy Warren. Nothing like a dose of Schadenfreude to wash those January blues away.

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