01.22.2015 09:55 AM


Rejection of George Orwell’s Animal Farm by Knopf.  For those of us who slave away behind a keyboard, worth clipping and saving.



  1. Merrill Smith says:

    He also said he got a rejection from a publisher who saw no market for animal stories at that time. At least this one understood the point.

  2. crf says:

    what does NFK or NFX at the end of the letter stand for?

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    I love the “NFK” at the end, which I assume must stand for Not For Knopf. I want to start peppering my conversations with NFK only I’ll use my initial. “I don’t like this soup, it’s NFD.”

  4. Al in Cranbrook says:

    It was required reading when I was in Junior High. Definitely recommend it.

    Dispels a lot of stupid/ignorant romanticism regarding communism.

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