02.17.2015 03:58 PM

Brockville, Sun News, and holding the elected to account

Ronald Zajac, right here. Read.


  1. ido says:

    Well, yes, we are all for independent journalists railing at power honestly, no matter the side. That was the problem with Sun News, it wasn’t honest, it lacked integrity and credibility and was vulgar in it’s presentation. The joy in the Sun being gone is not shutting it’s voice, it’s shutting it’s lies.
    Oh, and I suppose I should explain what Sun News, and the paper for that matter, big lie is: it play’s off as something working for the little guy but is really nothing but a corporate shill. It’s shrieking paranoia and faux outrage was all done to cover that fact. Really, good riddance.

    • Pedro says:

      Whereas the “other than Sun News” news is honest, has integrity and credibility, is polished and refined in its presentation.
      Turn on any of the three major television news providers at the main daily newscast, and often the first seven stories are the exact SAME story. Read any of the major dead tree publications and much the same. Ronald Zajac is correct, and Warren is correct to point it out. Hopefully, in time, the legacy media dies and the new journalists will cover the local stories that impact citizens directly – city hall, permits office, OW offices, classrooms, nurses offices, emerg rooms, wet basements and so on, where the action really is. There has been much written about the above issue. Nice to see a mention of Warren’s name puts it out a little further.

      • cgh says:

        Agree with you, Pedro. Not just the same seven stories, but the MSM spins them all the same way. And just as important, they ignore all the same stories as well. The actual diversity among the MSM is virtually zero.

  2. socks clinton says:

    Interesting in Brockville they have coverage of the local city council meetings. The neighboring city of Kingston has little coverage and some of the more imprtant meetings that matter are behind closed doors. Then you find out they’ve hire consultants with severe conflicts-of-interest, i.e., they recommend their own business for city contracts.

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I’ve lived in the Brockville area for forty years. It’s a seriously conservative/Conservative town, and Ron Zajac and his paper have always catered to the local sensitivities when it comes to provincial and federal politics. I’ve never expected or seen “balanced” reporting or opinion from them in that regard. Local municipal issues seem to be covered in a more balanced and professional manner. As for listening to the Brockville radio station, I’d rather drive nails into my skull.

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