02.19.2015 08:19 AM

Kill the drummer

Having dispatched more than my fair share over the years, I fully support this effort to kill the drummer. In SFH, both of ours are a pain in the ass, like all drummers, and we want to replace them with a Boss Dr. Rhythm. A drum machine doesn’t mooch as much beer, for starters, and it doesn’t talk back.

As one wise wag once observed: Q: What’s the last thing a drummer says in a band? A: “Hey, how about we try one of my songs?”

Give generously to this important campaign. It’s for the children, as they say.


  1. Ted H says:

    As we say in my group, the rhythm is too important to be entrusted to a drummer!

  2. edward nuff says:

    there’s a new pedal from digitech that replaces the drummer. you play a chord progression and voila you’re in business. getting one as soon as they become available. oh wait take that back. it replaces the bass player too. not to worry though. I hear Harper is starting a band once he’s turfed. Stasi Steve and his spying machines. maybe they could use a pedal replaced bass player.
    seriously. the pedal is real. check it out.


  3. James Smith says:

    – A drummer is a musician’s best friend

    Q- “Is Ringo the best drummer in Rock & Roll?”
    A – [The late J Lennon] “RIngo’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles”

  4. Pedro says:

    just bleedin’ hilarious…though, as our band’s drummer, I just keep playin’ the song I wrote while everyone else looks around tryin’ to figure what’s up, then they finally give up and give in…plus I own the PA…I just got back from rehearsal – thanks for the laugh

  5. Mike Milner says:

    “Drummer” – A musician’s best friend.

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