02.10.2015 05:00 PM

The irony is that quite a few of us would vote for #IkeaMonkey



  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I never truly realized how stupid I could be in forgetting the most obvious transfuge available — namely, Stephen Joseph Harper. Wow, how we would be in seventh heaven. Just imagine how we could sweep the West.

    All it would take is more of that predictable Conservative boilerplate that no one excels at better than Harper. It’s a no-brainer, it’s not even funny. After all, once a Liberal, always a Liberal at heart.

    Let the games continue!

  2. Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    “Beware Greeks bearing gifts”

  3. terence quinn says:

    if the Libs get to scrape Dimitri’s memory and use some of it for their electoral benefit while his fiance loses her bid for a seat then its a win win. Sometimes there is thinking that goes into these things.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Oh I am sure the file on Soudas and Adams is just as thick.

      I can hardly wait to see the tape of Eve lauding the very policy that she trashed yesterday.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think the NDP will win a minority once people see Mulcair in the campaign and the debates. Harper is scared of him and avoids taking him on directly in question period. He’s solid and well spoken. Trudeau is not the real threat. Trudeau will stick his foot in his mouth too often and so many people are just sick of the Cons. They’ve just screwed up everything they’ve touched. Our economic performance has been so middling compared to most of scandinavia and numerous other middle sized economies. Under Harper þr economy has only ever been fragile. Harper has turned us into a nation of hypocrites on file after file, as well… from defence to the environment to human rights. And mostly people just don’t like Harper anymore. They just don’t know mulcair yet, but they’ll like him the more they see of him in the campaign because he’s highly competent. The Dippers just need to focus only on the ridings they can win and let the Liberals win the ridings where they Libs had a strong second place showing last time.

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