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And this is the only dinosaur that recently co-existed with humans, Stock

Ah, memories.



  1. Grant W says:

    Many Canadians still prefer politicians who believe in harmless “creationism” rather than “social engineering” like the new and revised sex-ed for Ontario.

    Currently we are at war, religiously and militarily, with the equally creationist Islamic State, and they believe in the use of the sword for their enemies.

    Perhaps the Liberals and NDP have a strategy of turning the other cheek when it comes to homegrown terrorists and chalk it up to “mental illness” only requiring a root cause loving hug and some remedial jail time if necessary.

    Believe in Barney if you wish, but he won’t be of any solace when faced with a mujahideen with a machete! Hail Mary and pass the ammo ……..

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Hey, who’s that young guy next to Kinsella?

  3. Oglethorpe says:

    Phenomenal Turtleneck! 10/10!!

  4. socks clinton says:

    The current Science Minister Gary Goodyear is a university dropout and creationist and under his watch many Canadian scientific programs renowned around the world were gutted, especially those in the enivironment. This guy did as much damage to the Canadian scientific community as high-school dropout and Education Minister John Snobolen did to the Ontario education system during the Harris years.

  5. Ed Hominem says:

    Wow… Digging up that old nugget? Your one good burn in your entire career. Like some peaked in high school ex-jock reliving his only touch down, because you’re no longer relevant to the party and have been cast aside.

    “Look at me everybody! I was relevant once!”

  6. wsam says:

    Gary Goodyear is named after a tire.

  7. harvey bushell says:

    If, as indicated by the picture above, humans evolved from turtles then surely god must have had a hand in that.

    But seriously how, in this second millennium, could people vote for someone who doesn’t believe in evolution? More importantly what fool would give them an education or scientific related portfolio??

  8. John says:

    “And this is the only dinosaur that recently co-existed with humans”


    That photo looks 30 years old.

  9. davie says:

    Small story:
    About 25 years ago my provincial ed ministry put out a sex ed curriculum. A couple of my colleagues worked long on this, over a year of their time and effort, along with others like them throughout our province.
    Our local school board was talked into hiring a district coordinator for the intro of this curriculum.
    Instead of hiring one of the people who had worked on this project, the local superintendent hired a business ed teacher, who was a member of his church.
    I was one of the classroom teachers blessed with presenting this curric to senior high schoolers.
    I attended the workshop that would show us ‘exactly’ what to say and do in class.
    The coordinator put up the video that was the introduction to the whole package.
    The first 3 or 4 minutes of the video put things in the context of our evolving life on earth, beginning with waves lapping at the shore of an empty beach.
    The coordinator told us to fast forward through that first few minutes to number such ‘n such on our controls, because too many of our teenagers would be confused by the mention of evolution, and they did not need that info in this curric anyway.

    The room, of about 30 high school teachers, was silent.

    • Ray says:


      A few years ago, while trying to explain the workings of an oilfield gamma ray logging tool to a new employee, a colleague of mine mentioned that “millions of years ago…”
      With that, the new employee, who, unknown to us, was fundamentalist (and a very decent guy), replied with: “You’re crazy”.

    • Spike says:

      Scientifically speaking, the human fetus first forms as a female in the first 3-4 months or so, and then ‘evolves’ into a male. Female first; male second approximately half the time!

      Surely this indisputable scientific bio-medical fact utterly destroys the creationist concept of He, God, first creating ‘Man’ and then from his rib a ‘Female’.

      Obviously, God, She, created Eve first and then Adam to fertilize her ovum, otherwise no Cain and Able and so on! Hey, the ipso facto evidence is obviously overwhelming!

      Now what were we discussing about evolution — Q.E.D. ?

      • davie says:

        Spike…I passed on to my wife what you said here, telling her exactly where she and I stood on the evolutionary progress scale.

        (I’ll be eating my Sunday dinner down at Timmie’s this evening.)

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