03.23.2015 08:00 PM

Meanwhile, indigenous people say they were born here first, and want Donald Trump to go back to where he came from

…which, clearly, is a European insane asylum.



  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I think Cruz should stay clear of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Might not go the way he expects.

  2. davie says:

    A part that I enjoy is that the birther branch of tea party sees their guy Cruz being defended by a couple of lawyers in an article in a elite eastern law review.

    • Ted H says:

      Will the “birthers” who fought so hard against Obama now turn their vitriol to Cruz, one of their own? His case is weaker. Obama born in Hawaii (the USA) to American mother and African father, Cruz born in Canada to American mother and Cuban father. I thought potential US presidents had to be born in the USA.

      • Michael says:

        To be president he has to be a “natural born citizen”, not born in the US & A. Constitutional experts interpret that to mean having US citizenship at birth. Which Cruz did by virtue of his mother being a citizen.

        PS: That is an outdated rule that may have made sense in 1776 but not today.

        • davie says:

          Flexible constitution…there is something in there about not allowing a pres and vice pres from the same state. When Cheney appointed himself as running mate for George 43rd, he had live in Texas for years. So, he immediately acquired a house in his old state of Wyoming (maybe Duffy got some ideas there), and went on to what he went on to, no problem.

  3. Lance says:

    Trump cannot. The first manned mission to Mars hasn’t happened yet.

  4. Harvey Bushell says:

    Things went south for Trump many years ago when he allowed that mangy ferret to start living on his head.

  5. Hawaii fiveO says:

    Natural Born means person has two US citizen parents at time of birth
    recent co called” Harvard Review Letter” says 1 parent required , this has been debunked
    one cannot become “Natural Born”. must be born that way
    several groups , organizations , high falutin’ lawyers etc. warned Cruz don’t go there.
    Obama , Cruz, Rubio, Santorum . all are ineligible to be POTUS

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