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Russian leader flashcards

Russian Leader Flashcards: one not dead, one totally dead. Collect ’em all!



                                                                            Not dead at all.                                      Quite dead, actually.


  1. Africon says:

    But “useful idiots” everywhere will always be with us and sadly can even be found amongst the “political elite”.

  2. Joe says:

    In the words of Trudeu’s greatest role model – D’OH

  3. Ray says:

    Respectfully, Vlad the Goatee (still) looks pretty good for his 145 years…

  4. Kelly says:

    Would these guys be any better? http://www.vox.com/2015/2/20/8072643/ukraine-volunteer-battalion-danger
    Not sure. They’re the one’s we seem ready to help. But in the name of God, why?

  5. Jim Walsh says:

    When someone’s death legitimately “shocks and saddens” me, I would probably take the 2 minutes out of my busy day to write the one-liner myself. At the very least, proofread what goes on the official Liberal website directly attributed to me.

  6. ian turnbull says:

    I don’t buy the blame it on the “staffer”. It seems strange to me that a leader wouldn’t write or at least review anything put out under his own name. Specially when it is related to a major international news event. In my eyes if Trudeau did allow the “staffer” to just do that without his review it makes him look even dumber then making the mistake himself.

    • sezme says:

      To be fair, it was probably staffers who wrote as Trudeau that it was the fault of staffers who wrote as Trudeau. Poor li’l Justin was having a nap the whole time and they didn’t want to wake him (he gets so cranky).

  7. davie says:

    Might be interesting to ask Kasyanov who he figured he was speaking to.

  8. André says:

    How about RasPutin?

  9. King Prick says:

    I kinda like Putin… Especially after a rumored exchange with Joe Biden sometime ago.

    Biden: “Mr. Putin, when I look into your eyes, I don’t see a soul.”
    Putin: “Good. Then we understand one another.”

    Pretty savvy. Putin isn\t gonna back down and McDOnalds and Burger King will all soon be long gone from Moscow. Russia certainly didn’t get healthier after the fall of the wall. It’s obvious. The rich got richer and the crooked got crookeder. Putin, as cracked as he might be, sees that the WTO, IMF, Eurozone are easily as corrupt or more corrupt than he is and he calls them on it. Besides, what’s the west gonna do about it? Punch him in the knee caps? Balance of power is shifting in the and Putin isn’t scared of anyone. So, why vilify him? Obama is a dirty politician and every member of his inner circle is dirty too. Nobody calls him out on his shit. Obama has invaded more countries than Bush ever did and certainly more than Putin. Where’s the indignation in that? Oh wait. It’s Obama. The poor black president that inherited a mess. None of it’s his fault, right? If you attack Obama you MUST be a racist… When are we going to hold this guy to account. He’s like John Goti or Rob Ford… Nothing sticks. He’s also an appalling role model. As black men are being shot and killed by HIS police, all he can come up with is a bullshit speech before walking in the steps of MLK for a fucking photo op?! He’s a hypocrite and liar. Putin on the other hand, does what he says. We may not like it but at least he has conviction.

    I’m not defending him. I’m just saying I like him. (In the same way I like Conrad Black.) I find them amusing. And… Obama plays basketball… How childish. Putin rides horses shirtless and catches huge fish. He does manly stuff. Obama can’t beat Putin on the podium and certainly can’t beat him in the alley. Check mate. Russia has the US beat. The west needs to shut up and mind their own business.

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