04.24.2015 08:22 AM

And in other news, Justin Bieber has reportedly brokered a ceasefire with ISIS

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    eric weiss says:

    Celebrities using their celebrity for good causes is a double edged sword. On one hand you have Bono who’s (RED) campaign has helped keep almost 2 million Africans with HIV get ARV drugs to keep them alive. The other you have Leo DiCaprio spreading misinformation and condemnation of the tar sands, while he parties with the Deputy PM of the UAE at the World Cup on a 700M yacht paid for by oil money from a country that executes homosexuals and jails women who report rape for sex outside of marriage.

    They can do some good, I’m sure most mean well but for the most part they’re talking out of their arses, regurgitation other people’s talking points just to look like they care about fashionable causes.

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      edward nuff says:

      Is it not passing strange that 1000 poor African souls drowned in the hold of a sinking ship in the mediterranean trying to reach sanctuary across a sea where hundreds of huge yachts worth millions never leave port except to ferry celebrities for photo ops. At a time when we need a Dunkirk we get crickets.

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      cgh says:

      To which list we can add Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccination crusade, the effects of which are now starting to be seen. This is most revealing:

      “I’m sure most mean well…”

      We all should know what’s paved with that.

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    Joe says:

    Personally I don’t care for the celebrity culture. I mean really I don’t care how famous your name is or how photogenic you are being a part time drama teacher does not qualify you as PM.

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