04.07.2015 07:45 AM

Dear Alberta Liberals

You were the first political party I joined, back in 1980. I did so because you were the only sane political party around.

Thirty-five years later, you still are.

  • Wildrose will sell itself for a few trinkets, and think government shouldn’t do anything.
  • The NDP hate Alberta’s main job-creator, and think government should do everything.
  • And the Prentice PCs? They’ve lost their way. They don’t have any values.  And they couldn’t communicate their way out of a wet paper bag.

I’ll be with you this weekend in Edmonton, pitching for change – not radical change, like Wildrose and the NDP favour.  Smart, sensible change – change away from a governing PC party that has become cynical and corrupt and complacent.

More details are here.  There’ll be a talk on Saturday night, and a private seminar on running the best possible war room on Sunday morning.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!




  1. Ted H says:

    I’m sure there are some sane people in Alberta, they elected a great mayor for Calgary, I’m sure there are even a few sane people in Texas, Alberta’s big brother.

  2. Davie says:

    The NDP what ?

    Well…I guess it. Is nice that Alberta Liberals can get someone from Toronto to help them up.

  3. David Bronaugh says:

    Oh man, that’s a deadly marketing phrase.

    The Three C’s of the Conservatives: Cynical, Corrupt, Complacent.

  4. Joe says:

    It seems that Liberals seem to have trouble picking salable leaders. Jumping from Dr Conspiracy back to Dr Strange just doesn’t work for me. They have and had some very capable leadership candidates but they keep picking the wrong ones. That being said the NDP just picked the wrong leader as well. Regardless of her pedigree Rachel comes across as a political gadfly. Being as I want to get rid of the very stale and corrupt PCs I have two choices, the Alberta Party and the Wild Rose Party.

  5. Michael Bluth says:


    What are your thoughts on Edmonton-Centre MLA Laurie Blakeman running as a Liberal, Green Party and Alberta Party candidate?

    fwiw she was elected as a Liberal

  6. James Smith says:

    Seems like only yesterday rather than 27 years ago I knocked on doors for the ALP in Calgary.
    Good Luck to all Alberta Liberals in the May 5th vote! I only wish I were able to be back in YYC to help.

  7. Jack McLeod says:

    The Liberals need to examine the own History since their defeat in 1921 by the United Farmers of Alberta. The singular time the Liberals have shown A significant gain with the Electorate was under the Leadership of the Late Lawrence Decore in 1993 winning 32 seats and 39% of the popular vote. Find another Leader like the former Mayor of Edmonton!

    • James Smith says:

      ALP had been building a strong alternative to the PC’s in the ’80’s, first under the Great Nick Taylor then under Mr Decore. Don’t forget that Ralph-I-killed-the-Heritage-Trust-Fund-Kline toyed with the idea of running for Liberal Leader while Mayor of Calgary (prior to becoming a Tory cabinet minister). In the 1989 election, Don Getty lost his own seat. Four years later Mr Kline almost lost his seat in Calgary in the ’93 election.

      The Liberal secret weapon? Don Getty as PC Leader.

      You are correct, the ALP lost a great opportunity not connecting with Albertains when Mr Ed was Premier.

  8. Mark says:

    And, as usual, the perpetual one-party state that is Alberta will, once again, vote in the Alberta PC`s, rather than a real Liberal government. This has happened since 1971 and will not change anytime soon.

  9. G. Simpson says:

    Not only do Alberta Liberals need your guidance and encouragement, the federal Liberals will need your strategic talents once the federal campaign starts for serious and Trudeau continues his downward momentum in the polls.

  10. Steve T says:

    I hope all Alberta politicians, and all Alberta voters, realize the harsh times that are ahead. This is a “Greece moment”, where the province can either be adults and recognize the hard truths of what needs to be done, or put forward a bunch of empty (but expensive) promises that can’t be met or paid for. Sadly, voters typically want to be fed a pack of lies. Let’s hope Albertans are more mature than that.

  11. Mike Sloan says:

    I think we’re all realistic here. Jim Prentice is going to win, no doubt about it. That said, a strong opposition consisting of two parties would be really helpful to keep the government honest.

  12. Michael Dawe says:

    Thanks Warren. Some people need a sense of perspective.

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