04.20.2015 03:59 PM

Dear Eve Adams

Step away from the Twitter.  Going after someone’s spouse – and, along the way, offering up what I hear is unmitigated bullshit – is bad for you, bad for your leader, and bad for the party you profess to support.



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  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    “She says Joe Oliver has been a “phantom” MP in the riding and been “MIA in Ottawa.”

    Adams, who has a home in Oakville, says she and her family — son Jeffrey, 9, and fiancé Dimitri Soudas and his four children, who are aged 4 to 10 — have been looking at houses in the riding because she firmly believes candidates should live in the areas they represent.”


    She has been MIA from Mississauga-Brampton South and she is not even a Minister. Gets elected in one riding, and moves to another city. Pathetic Star reporter, Donavan Vincent, and The Star, can’t even ask her to account for that. I guess we can expect this kind of ridiculous reporting for the next 6 months from The Star. Glad articles are for free, because they are worth less.

  2. Matt says:

    So she now attempts to mock the fiscal priorities that until a couple months ago she wholeheartedly and enthusiastically supported and were put forward by a party she tried everytning in her power and begged to remain a member of?

    Someone buy Justin a years supply of extra strength Tylenol.

  3. Matt from Ottawa says:

    If she bypasses the nomination process and is running for the LPC in that riding, it is gonna be one hell of a trainwreck, like end of Back to the Future 3 trainwreck…. She comes off as a petulant child and just screams opportunistic

    • DonW says:

      Matt, unless each candidate gets to make up her/his own rules which the local riding association and the national party are required to accept, how does a candidate “bypass the nomination process”? Granted, some sneaky stuff happens behind the scenes at some nomination meetings, but how can these meetings be bypassed?

  4. Lance says:

    LOL Well well, she’s getting started already I see.

    Justin, back to you.

  5. davie says:

    Bah…waste of time. She won’t be nominated.

    This Jim Ross looks to be an interesting consultant and ‘voter contact’ guy for the Conservatives.

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    I just went over to her twitter. She is carrying on. Just wow. Where are her handlers? Even responding to Benzie who was just trying to plug (draw attention to) a positive, fluff piece on her. Last time he does that.

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    Adams is a hot mess who is best ignored. But, I was curious to see the Post ran a story about the government trying to use anti-terrorism legislation to quash info about the Harpers getting out.

  8. P Brennan says:


  9. Tired Denier says:

    At least one party is unscathed from all of this Duffy C-51 Eve Adams stuff.

    Twitter is really of no use, either as a service, or as an investment. People need to get over social media so they can get back to their jobs again. All of this Twitter stuff is turning us into a continent of idiots.

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