04.18.2015 08:32 AM

If you’re going to do the Vulcan salute, pal, do it right

This guy doesn’t just deserve to lose. He deserves to be dispatched by a Gorn.

As reader Darcy Dupas said: set phasers on stunned. 


  1. Lance says:

    Yes, by a Gorn. He doesn’t deserve to be dispatched by a Klingon.

  2. Joe says:

    One wonders when Prentice is going to do the Ralph tour. For the uninitiated the Ralph tour consisted of visiting all the small towns in Alberta an soaking up the local culture. He went to Vulcan where he was vulcanized. He went to Standard where he was standardized. He went to Carbon where he was carbonated. Then he went to Castor…..(here’s a hint for all the city folk out there, the girls basketball team is the Castor Raiders)

  3. HarryR says:

    It looks more like he’s preparing to “cock-a-snook” at the peons, you know, for not looking in the mirror and blaming themselves for the monumental FU that is PC Alberta. Note! He has already despatched the Cling-on threat!

  4. Jeff says:

    That’s a “Stanfield dropped the ball” kind of moment for me. Weak.

  5. gyor says:

    Your. best. post. ever.

  6. Kevin T. says:

    He probably said something like” “Nanu nanu”.

  7. cynical says:

    A failure to be able to do the salute properly may be a sign of nerve damage in the cervical spine, I was once told. IANAD, though.
    OTOH it would be no surprise if Prentice were a little out of touch with real life, given his resume.

  8. Craig McKie says:

    This guy from South Porcupine, aka Timmins, Ontario (where it snows occasionally on Dominion Day I can personally attest), seems likely to be consigned to the remainders table. Reminds me muchly of the consignment of the Ontario Tories after 40 odd years of Tammany Hall deportment. They are ready for the dumpster. See you around Alberta PCs. Its been a treat.

  9. UFP Ambassador says:

    You guys don’t know much, it looks pretty much the same as T’Pau’s, and she was the Vulcan matriarch of Spock’s family.

  10. davie says:

    Prentice is a Progressive Vulcan.

  11. Bill says:

    Wasn’t he the piccolo trumpeter from “Penny Lane”?

  12. To be fair, there are two other people who couldn’t do the Vulcan salute: the original Vulcan matriarch, and William Shatner.


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