04.20.2015 02:47 PM

On this day in 1968

This guy was sworn in as Prime Minister.  I still miss him.



  1. Ffibs says:

    So do I

  2. Don McGowan says:

    We all do! That’s a large part of the appeal of his son, Justin. Maybe, just maybe, we could be headed again “towards a just society”.

    • Lyn says:

      A just society is taking from the rich and giving to the poor, lets all think about that! Isn’t that what Obama is trying to do big gov’t and taxation. Robin Hood doesn’t live hear anymore.

  3. davie says:

    Echo to PET’s government is the current court challenge by Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) regarding Bank of Canada and government borrowing in this country ( I think our federal debt is about 620 billion, provinces have debts as well, some in the billions.)

    The way I understand it, in 1938 the Bank of Canada was to lend interest free to federal , provincial and municipal governments in Canada. It did so for many years helping finance war costs, a Seaway, Pipeline, Highways, university expansions, …as it was told to do.
    Then, in 1974, the Trudeau government bought into some international bankster group’s advice that government lending be done from private banks, and in 1975 our national debt began to blow up as we paid all that interest to private banks.
    Progressive Conservatives in the 1980’s, Liberals again through the 1990’s and Conservative to today have borrowed from private banks, and that interest has been ballooning our debt. Provinces have been caught in this as well.

    So 2 things…the COMER court challenge, and that this amazing debt load beginning goes back to the economic wisdom of the Trudeau regime in the mid 1970’s.

  4. Ty says:

    Lots of criticism, but it seems pretty clear to me that if you take him out, Quebec was gone. Stanfield, despite the historical whitewashing he’s received lately, wouldn’t have had the courage to push forward the Bilingaulism/Biculturalism committee findings, and Clark would have let Ryan bungle away the referendum.

  5. gyor says:

    Tell Justin Trudeau his dad owes 2 trillion dollars for switching from interest free loans to interest paying loans.

    The only thing Trudeau Sr. did right when not being forced to by the NDP was the charter of rights.

  6. Ridiculosity says:

    An extremely fine mind. At exactly the right time.

  7. cynical says:

    It was nice being proud to be Canadian. Not that PET was the perfect exemplar, but he was definitely good enough.
    Not fond of War Measures implementation, and the NEP, but the guy had class, and at least he spoke to the whole electorate.
    Wish I thought his son had the stuff.

  8. Joe says:

    My most lasting memory of PET was the night I was in the officers mess on a particular CFB. It was shortly after the NEP and the FLQ crisis was still fresh in some of the senior officers’ minds. Over a few whiskeys the discussion turned to the idea that PET might send in the troops to quell a theoretical Alberta uprising. The senior officers, to a man, said that if they were given the order to ‘send in the troops’ they would refuse the order.

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