04.10.2015 07:22 AM

SFH: Eighties Dance Song

Many, many of you have asked what goes on every Thursday night at the SFH studio sessions.

Well, okay, none of you have asked that, ever, but let’s imagine for a moment that a few of you had.  And, equally, let’s imagine that you had said: “O Warren, in those regular get-togethers at the summit of god-like creative genius that is SFH, what do you do, pray tell?”

Well, here’s what we do, shot on my iPhone device.  We have abandoned punk rock, and now play only GYDDPP – German-Yiddish Derivative Dance Punk Pop.  Here is our Eighties Dance Song,’ which is going to be bigger than the Beatles and Jesus. When we are famous and rich, I will not pose for selfies with you, nor acknowledge that I once knew you.


  1. George says:

    What kind of bass amplification are you using? I love the “thubby” sound of short-scale basses, but I’m really curious what type of amp you are using and how you EQ it. It’s a great sound.

  2. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    I must be showing my age because I actually enjoyed that. Is “bass domination” a new form of sexual abberation? Oh….and the flashing light effect was pretty cool. We did that in a 70s band I managed in New Brunswick called the Coffin Bangers whereby we installed flashing lights in a small casket and they were controlled by the bass drum pedal in order to supplement the burning incense. Oh my misspent youth!

  3. patrick says:

    Ha! I screen captured when you told me to “fuck off”. Riding on your coat tails to an auction at Sothebys.

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