04.10.2015 03:14 PM

Warren tries to start Internet war; Internet yawns


  1. Jon Adams says:

    Now if the 500 guys are all in one basement, then *that’s* interesting.

  2. Africon says:

    Game of Thrones is so, so interesting for watching with one eye while doing other things.

    However, at least for me, a far, far more interesting series is Homeland – right up to date with Al Quaeda, bomb threats, double agents, intrigue, US intelligence operatives and CIA analysts, Iran, Lebanon etc. O’Bama watches it regularly, perhaps too much for his own good.
    Keeps you thinking, guessing and weighing options, moral dilemmas, a real brain tickler.

  3. Steve says:

    Game of Thrones is a good start.

    On that note, it seems to me that Justin’s decision to endorse May for the Leader’s debate seems a little precipitous, considering that she has two seats just like the BQ, and got less votes in the last election. Don’t you think that some might find it odd, that he would endorse one, and not the other? Endorsing the Greens and not the BQ might not go down so well in Quebec, and by the same token, endorsing the BQ might not go down so well in the rest of Canada.

    It seems to me that Justin needs to answer, why one and not the other?

    • cynical says:

      One is a regional party and the other is a national party, even if it has elected few MPs?
      Or am I just rationalizing too?

  4. debs says:

    house of cards is better

  5. Kelly says:

    Game of Thrones celebrates violence and displays it in a crass grab for eyeballs. Executions, beheadings, beatings. It’s boring and frankly silly. It’s a reflection of the juvenile mindscape of a large portion of an entire generation. A generation that will never really grow up. A generation that is beginning to take the reigns of power and leading us to a future of endless war, endless surveillance (a generation that doesn’t seem to care that Stephen Harper’s “guys” can grab your dick pics at will. Game of Thrones could only be a hit in such a time. Game of Thrones is little more than the Remington Steele of our age. A TV show. Pretty faces and a vehicle to sell more crap we don’t need. That’s it.

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