05.17.2015 02:31 PM

Dear late-night visitors 

Technology has improved. You can get good-quality pictures of anything, these days. 

And showing up on the same day as all that media coverage?

Not smart. 


  1. VC says:

    “Some of the nicest people I have ever met are Nazis,” said the contender for the ‘World’s Greatest Asshole Award.’

  2. e.a.f. says:

    “some of the nicest people I have ever met are Nazis.” the term psychopath comes to mind.

    perhaps he could name some of those “nice Nazis”.

    nice little “political party” those boys have and Canada Post distributes it do they. Well I’d like to see some one file a complaint against Canada Post with the Human Rights Commission.

  3. MF says:

    Will Ezra Levant be defending free speech?

    • King Prick says:


      Ezra Levant? Defend free speech? Speech that isn’t his own misplaced brand of venomous, vitriolic, ad hominem, shameful, cruel and damaging kind of speech? Not bloody likely. Ezra Levant is a clown shoe. I’m glad you mentioned him here. What’s great about Levant is the comedy he brings with his online pleas for money to fight his legal bills. He’s a shameless man.

      • debs says:

        he is indeed. I am glad that clown shoe is back to youtube videos peddling his brand of crazy to a small audience. Having him on tv was pretty unbearable!

  4. Tiger says:

    Well, freedom of expression presumably covers posting photos of people delivering racist flyers!

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