05.27.2015 08:55 PM

Dear Ontario legislators:

if you reappoint this guy, you need help. 





  1. Michael S says:

    Just look at https://twitter.com/Ont_Ombudsman to fully see his wallow in self-promotion and self-pity.

  2. cynical says:

    What a maroon!

  3. smelter rat says:

    Somebody has a Napoleonic complex.

  4. Jim Walsh says:

    A public servant at the end of a five-year appointment begging for re-appointment on Twitter has to be the most disgustingly undignified thing I’ve seen so far this decade. I hope that doesn’t become a “thing”.

  5. Chris says:

    Why do you call him Kid Kodak, I don’t get the reference..

    Your campaign against him seems to have come from nowhere.. What triggered it?

    • Matt says:

      I always assumed it was because he loves to get himself in front of the cameras.

      • edward nuff says:

        no.that only happens with Harperectomies.

        • Bruce Marcille says:

          My gawd, you’re so juvenile. You see an open space, so you insert an anti-Harper comment. Even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with the discussion. Doesn’t matter: We get it, you dislike Harper.

          And WTH is a “Haperectomy?” The removal of a Harper? So that, somehow, has something to do with wanting your picture taken? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

          When you have something useful, (Hell, I’d settle for you offering something colourful) stop yourself. Read it over. Does it make sense? Try again.

          On topic: I have never seen anything like this. They should keep Marin away from sharp objects and keyboards.

          • edward nuff says:

            i was going to respond but it seems you cant read. i don’t think warren needs your services as a virtual hall monitor as he.s quite good at doing that himself so to quote Mr kinsella…you’re an idiot. Go fuck yourself.

          • Bruce Marcille says:

            1: You need to quote someone rather than formulate your own thoughts or explain yourself;
            2: Even the best quote you can find is….a profanity? Seriously.

            Back to the Topic: My concern is not with Marin’s removal – get rid of him – but with his replacement. It does need to be someone who will tear into the government the Marin did, but with the unimpeachable standards of an apolitical federal government AG. After all, MArin did work on Ornge, eHealth, gas plants, OLG, and the list goes on….The fear is, Wynne will appoint a lap dog, using Marin as a defense for her defanging of yet another office.

  6. Sean says:

    If he doesn’t get reappointed, does he have to give up the twitter handle, or is he going to pathetically try to hold on to it, like “Trustee” Sam?

  7. King Prick says:

    Oh FFS! Seriously? Really?! Honestly?! Marin is just a huge can of smashed assholes, isn’t he? Shameless. Childish. Petulant. What a stunning role model. I think Kid Kodiak is too nice, Warren. Boss Hogg would be more fitting for Mr. Marin.

  8. Dave says:

    Greetings, OOO staff reading this!

    I’m about to tell you, and AndrĂ©, the one thing, more than any other, that will grind his gears, make his blood boil, and generally cause him to have a sh!tty day. And that thing is:

    He’s looking kinda puffy these days.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  9. Jerome says:

    “In 48 hours you will have no ombudsman.” No you idiot, we will still have AN ombudsman, just not you. You are not THE ombudsman, you are AN ombudsman.

    ‘Unfortunately it has come to this.” Oh the Passion of the Andre! Always the martyr. Yeah, this is what HAD to happen?

    How the hell can he get away with using the official Ombudsman twitter account to lobby fro his own reappointment??

    • Jim Walsh says:

      That’s a good question. I would have thought that official government Twitter accounts would have rules against clearly personal uses. Then again, I am annoyed that there are such things as “official Government Twitter accounts”.

      Or to quote Stephen Colbert, “Who would have thought a means of communication limited to 140 characters would ever create misunderstandings?”

  10. Cadoo Lori says:

    So let me see if have this right:

    Marin is a public servant/we pay him over 230k a year/to make sure all the other public servants follow government rules and government processes/now, Marin is using Twitter to circumvent the government process used for appointing an ombudsman? Wow! really, just wow! MARIN NATION!

    Trying to manipulate elected legislatures should be enough even to quash his chances at an extension. MPPs may hate bad press but I think they hate being publicly manipulated/bullied even more. If there was any remaining doubt among any of them, Marin has shown he is an uncontrollable monster that needs to be slain sooner rather than later. He is using his un-elected, publicly funded role to build a mini empire. The NDP won’t care because they have no chance of forming government, but I’m sure the PCs and Libs know he has to go and now.

    • Johnny says:

      For a political party that claims to defend workers’ right, the ONDP lost its credibility ever since they went to bed with Marin.
      The Peter Kormos Affair for starters. “Pete, come to the office and we’ll say it wasn’t planned then tell the media that the Ombudsman’s office is like Heaven and Marin is a golden god.”

      A former staff at OO was discriminated against lodged a human rights complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. This person then later worked for the ONDP. Instead of showing support and solidarity towards this person, the ONDP told this person that this person had to drop their HRTO complaint in order to continue working for the ONDP.

      Human rights don’t seem to be a priority for Horwath and her gang. They listed on their website what’s considered important issues. Human rights is not listed there but winter road maintenance is.
      Good to know that the Party has its priorities straight.

      Thank you, Andrea. I will never vote for your party đŸ™‚

      • Kaduu says:

        Well we already know Horwath is not the brightest and couldn’t see a trap laid out for her even with an engraved invitation from the Roadrunner.

        Marin cannot clean-up all his messes in 3.5 months no matter how much shredding he does this time. Plus there’s a growing number of people waiting in the wings to help point to where all the bodies are buried (this is a big reason he doesn’t want to leave). But when he is gone, everything will come; the Liberals will say “told you so,” the PC’s will shrug theirs shoulders and change the subject, but Horwath and the NDP will be left holding the bag as the party that most staunchly supported him. Of course she will try to say “we didn’t know” and then a whole knew expose will start on how they did know.

        Seems only fitting.

      • Telegram Sam says:

        Are you saying that Marin, Horwath and Kormos had a love child!?! I gotta know what it looks like!

  11. P Brennan says:

    lov him or hate him …why would you let clock run to zero before making a decision…surely the 1000’s of appointees on provincial boards and commission arent treated this way – term limits might be a good thing – public lobbying is crass..

    • Nicole says:

      Maybe they are going to appoint Warren as the next ombudsman and they are simply waiting to the very last minute for maximum meltdown impact.

  12. kre8tv says:

    Not a particularly bright bulb, this one. But I will say one nice thing: that Hydro One report had some fun headlines in it that made it actually enjoyable to read.

  13. Jim Walsh says:

    CTV reporting that whining pays-off in McWynnety’s Ontario. Now we can listen to four more months of it.


  14. Greg from Calgary says:

    Is it ethical for him to advocate/advertise for his own job?

    • Jerome says:

      Ummm, Greg from Calgary…hellooo! This is Andre Marin, THE Ombudsman. THE Watchdog. You cannot reasonably expect The Watchdog to lash out everybody else’s questionable ethics AND mind his own! Geessh! Not sure how they do out West.

  15. Justin says:

    What a self serving asshole. You should see the comments on the SUN comment board, his supporters are just as stunned. One commenter apparently didn’t care how much he personally spent and even went to go so far as to say “he could spend the entire government budget, as long as he’s sticking it to the bureaucrats”. Kind of defeats the purpose of an ombudsman, doesn’t it?

  16. Rabid Bananas says:

    WK-if your goal is to drive His Highness crazy, you are doing a good job. OO office update:

    Surveillance seriously being increased. They are trying to find out who leaked his email but they have nothing but intimidation tactics. There were 3 leaks of the email that I know of alone-so good luck! It is getting harder to post and folks are rattled. He sent ANOTHER all staff email last weekf, saying how disappointed he was with the leak. (We all sobbed at his disappointment.) It’s clear from the second email he realizes he made a mistake telling staff about this thread as many didn’t know about it but do now. Everyone is reading this everyday now. In the second email he says–there will be no more talk about this thread (even as he talks about this thread!)

    Looks like both deputy OO Barb Finlay and director of SORT Gareth Jones have applied for Marin’s job, don’t think he knew. So tensions and paranoia in the EMT are running high. Staff are excited at the thought of Fiona Crean taking over, the EMT and junior managers are terrified. We’ll try and get a copy of this second email to you. He also sarcastically refers to the heat he is taking over using twitter to lobby for his job as his ‘twitter meltdown’. Still doesn’t get it and we know he never will.

    If you don’t know, EMT means his executive management team. These are the people closest to him that he rewards with money and titles (look at how many of them have become directors or made it onto the sunshine list under him. We joke that soon there will be two directors fro every staff). These folks are the culprits that do all Marin’s dirty work-Finlay, Pettigrew, Ray, Naqvi, Haslam, Jones, Kalisz, Williamson and Miller.

    There is a large staff exodus happening. A few of Jones’s favourites are trying to jump ship to the Toronto ombudsman because they think Jones will get that job.

    Someone else mentioned the ‘lock agreement’ here. We are trying to get you something on that. Basically it is how senior management is able to give each other bonuses above and beyond what their contracts say. I would seriously take the time of his extension to change tactics and look at the money they have spent, how they have spent it, how much they have given themselves, and what is not specifically accounted for. We are also trying to get more on the pile of money only accessed by the lawyers. Apparently Haslam has accessed it, but she is the farthest thing from a lawyer you can imagine. There is also a list of older employees targeted for forced retirement.

    Three and half months is more than enough time for His Highness to hang himself. Whenever he feels threatened, instead of becoming more careful, he lashes out even more and he gets sloppier. He can’t help himself. So keep it up because it’s working.

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