05.29.2015 07:41 AM

SFH official portrait

Aren’t we handsome?


Left to right:
Steve Deceive, Winkie Nuclear Age Smith, Bjorn von Flapjack III.
Missing: Davey Snot.


  1. edward nuff says:

    nasty, brutish and short. Great band.

  2. P Brennan says:

    Davey Snot missed picture day ..must of got the snot beat out of him …didnt keep the other three away ..

  3. Marco says:

    Hands appear unbruised – must be Irish footballers.

  4. Ted H says:

    They look like they have all received a goodly series of punches to the face, probably a comment on their “music”.

  5. Student501 says:

    Rough gig.
    Hope you got paid.

  6. harvey bushell says:

    I assume you’re the happy looking one?

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