05.26.2015 12:44 PM

Your Ward News: neo-Nazi rag, reviewed

By Elise Hategan, who knows what she is talking about:

“…And then comes this – news that a hateful, xenophobic rag called Your Ward News, put together by a network of nutcases and old Heritage Front members, one of whom none other than Gary Schipper himself (under the alias of J.J. / Johnny Jensen), is being distributed to 50,000 homes in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood by Canada Post. Yes, our very own Canada Post has, somehow, after evaluating the garbage Your Ward News contains, ruled that it didn’t fit their own definition of what constitutes hate material.

So – despite objections from postal carriers, despite articles from mainstream press and articles on activist websites, Canada Post continues to distribute hate propaganda. Which clearly is an offence under Section 319 of the Criminal Code

Twenty years ago, these hateful bastards – or rather, “unscrupulous fanatics” as Judge Tremblay-Lamer put it in her judgement writ – were ordered by the courts not to RECORD their hate messages. They served their prison time, they scurried underground like the cockroaches that they are. But now they’re back, putting their hate in WRITING. And what are WE as a society doing about it?


…Worse yet, they have an office now and public funding. And they have Canada Post and the police condoning it, to boot.

Please tell me that everything I did twenty years ago wasn’t for nothing.



  1. P Brennan says:

    Elise – thx for doing all you did…we need to put pressure on advertisers to stay out of the YWN…is it a criminal code offence to fund these creeps either direct or through ads ?

  2. Kevin T. says:

    Damn, after following the link, I read other stuff, namely how the CBC acted like true scumbags (which is typical for them, as we now know) with the White lies movie. The fact that no matter how slimy CBC often appears, they are even worse than thought.

  3. Tired Denier says:

    Unless you can get sites like stormfront dot org blocked in Canada, these groups will be emboldened. They also organize through stormfront and other websites I do not know. You have to stop the sites before you can hit the groups. While the sites can be imported, they will alwys be able to attract new neo-Nazis.

    After the sites are shut down the groups will stop expanding. It is through these sites that the old Western Guard/Heritage Front troll for new members.

    Crowdfunding and a squad of people checking the Internet for banned material would make the situation better than today.

  4. Pipes says:

    Do you remember when I went after another Ward 32 publication. I chased their sponsors, complained to the police, complained to Revenue Canada Charities Division because they seemed to be hiding behind a weird charity, and actually went to see the charity to complain, I spoke directly to some distributors and so on…Do you remember what happened? I spent a year on it. Do you recall the publication and what the end result was?

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