05.22.2015 05:34 PM

You’ve all seen this already, but…wow. Trudeau better make changes, and soon!



  1. ColinZeal says:

    Too late. The vote on C-51 was two weeks ago.

    • edward nuff says:

      poor JT. treating the middle class like a hooker you try to pay after the fact or you get elected. good luck with that. colossal bonehead error in judgement thinking we’d buy that lie.

  2. Harold in Halifax says:

    What this tells me is that the Liberals led by Justin Trudeau are heading into total annihilation! Justin may be the last Liberal federal leader.

    What is puzzling to me is why the Atlantic Maritimers should find the Trudeau Liberals so appealing, unless it mirrors their provincial government preferences overlaying the federal scene.

    Also, the Green vote is a big spoiler for the NDP and Liberals, both of whom are saying if Canadians want Green policies, they shouldn’t uselessly vote Green. The Green vote bleeds the Libs and Dips and helps the Cons.

    I believe the Bleu Bars will shoot up after the CPC attack ads take hold and spook Canadians away from changing the central government in these perilous economic and terroristic times.

    If not, it’s a Harper minority supported by the beheaded Liberal rump who are near fatally wounded and unable to go into another snap election. Grim, eh?

    • GFMD says:

      A harper minority isn’t possible this time. If Harper can’t beat every single poll for the past two and a half years and come up with 169 seats, he’s out.

      • Dave says:

        There are already many CPC MPs, maybe even a majority of caucus, who want to see the east-facing side of a west-fleeing Harper.

  3. MississaugaPeter says:

    I think Harper will have to reevaluate himself as well.

    Justin must be regreting the day he endorsed Gerard Kennedy in 2006 and inherited the lower lights of his campaign.

    • Patrick says:

      Agreed on Harper. The Conservatives continued spending on advertising their policies and Pierre Poilievre’s recent video stunt seem to be turning people off.

  4. Matt says:

    To be fair, EKOS is the only pollster who has the NDP that high and the Liberals that low.

    Nanos released earlier this week. IIRC – ConservativeS 32%, Liberals 30% and the NDP 25%.

    • The Nanos poll averages phone responses over a 4-week period, whereas Ekos is reporting HD-IVR responses every week. The latter is going to be more sensitive to sudden shifts, while the former is going to smooth the impact of short-term blips. A movement exceeding 10 points over few weeks is less likely to be a blip motivated by brief items in the news cycle. Nanos also acknowledged the movement when reporting his numbers, but will show the full impact in a few weeks, assuming it doesn’t revert to the mean before then.

      • RogerX says:

        Trying to justify polling based on multi-poll trends is problematic at best. Polls do not indicate how people will vote so far out from an election; they only indicate current popularity and not electability because they don’t factor in election campaigning.

        Polls only suggest who might win if an election were held yesterday, without an election campaign. Internal party polling will be more intense and more accurate too when done days before the vote.

  5. MississaugaPeter says:

    Now they are sending policy announcements to folks that asked previously to unsubscribe. Isn’t this a no-no or is Justin Trudeau exempt? Maybe he thinks he has already overturned Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

    From: Justin Trudeau
    Date: May 22, 2015 10:00 AM
    Subject: A chance to resubscribe for major policy announcements

  6. cynical says:

    As I suspected, the Alberta win by the NDP is legitimizing it as the place to go for the ABH party.
    And that’s before Mulcair gets a chance to rip Harper a new one during a debate. Personally, I think we ABH types will welcome Angry Tom, and to hell with the consequences. We don’t need Harper Lite.

  7. Luke says:

    Unqualified hypothesis: the Conservatives’ insistence on not participating in the traditional debates will turn those debates into a referendum on whether the Ndp or liberals are the real alternative to the connies. My bet is that this debate will further legitimize the idea of an Ndp government under Mulcair, who will also do well in the many other debates. And the Ndp wins. Such is my silly guess.

    • Harold in Halifax says:

      No…. the centre-left leaders Trudeau and Mulcair will debate to the death on CBC and CTV, and the survivor will then debate Harper and the loser will be ignored by everybody, including the media.

      A recognized centre-left leader must be created because splitting the vote is guaranteed political death for the Libs and Dips. Buh-bye Justin!

    • edward nuff says:

      this is Canada. the ford nation types will vote for the empty chair.

  8. Priyesh says:

    The strategists needed to be fired months ago. They’re making all the same boneheaded mistakes that I saw when they recruited and groomed Ignatieff.

  9. Liam Young says:

    Polls change, but I’m looking forward to Mulcair as the next leader of Canada, minority or majority.
    The Cons have to be replaced and JT (Harper Lite) is not up for the job. JT’s severely ‘unCanadian’ comments about ‘cooperating in the next election, but only if Mulcair isn’t leader’ didn’t sit well with most voters.

    • RogerX says:

      Your sentiment is laudable, but how do you justify your views when you know the devious Cons will launch a devastating series of vicious attack ads that may sway the voters away from the Liberal and NDP?
      Do you seriously believe Canadians are so polarized now and they will be immune to negative attack ads and will vote according to yesterdays polls? Just asking.

  10. ian turnbull says:

    To me his “the rich have had it too easy for too long…its time to get them” message in his economic release is just an advertisement for the NDP. Why would anyone who believes that message want to vote for one of those rich folks?

    If you believe his class war message: “He is right I am voting NDP and putting an end to this”. If you don’t believe his class war message: “What an idiot I am voting Conservative”.

  11. terence quinn says:

    I like the fact Mulcair is now going to be exposed to the same scrutiny that JT has been under. Lets see how he does and how he continues to cover up the fact he stole $2MM from Canadian taxpayers

  12. Sean says:

    Time for the hairdo to go. If the Libs had a snap leadership conv. this summer, at least they might stand a chance at retaining the 35 seats they still have. This guy doesn’t do “new politics”, he just does old politics badly. I don’t think he’s going to survive a Leadership Review. Its time for Liberals to start thinking about what the world is going to look like on Oct. 20th and it isn’t pretty.

  13. ian turnbull says:

    To me JT has not been under enough scrutiny. He is hurting right now because he has been such a bone head in spite of the easy ride he has been given. Maybe a little more scrutiny is what the guy and his team need to get their act together…he needs to understand that what he says and thinks actually does matter…. its not just about the hair.

  14. gyor says:

    That a dishonest smear, the NDP did no such thing. The Liberals and Tories are trying to steal millions of dollars from the NDP via Kangeroo Courts, because the Tories and Liberals are corrupt.

  15. G. Babbitt says:

    What I don’t get is the party’s emphasis on Justin Trudeau. When Jean Chretien first won it was with a campaign of the “Liberal team” which de-emphasized the baggage that Chretien was perceived to have had. I don’t know why they don’t try this again. I for the life of me don’t understand why they don’t burnish the Liberal brand and its accomplishments when they were in government. The scandal that Paul Martin thought was so bad that he dumped on the Chretien legacy now looks like small potatoes compared to the Conservatives. I’m not saying to look backwards, but they should be promoting the Liberal Brand not the leader

    • RogerX says:

      Are you suggesting that the Liberal strategists should be working to promote the local Liberal candidates only, and by default electing a PM Justin? Do you think they can get away with that ploy to improve their electoral standing?
      I’m thinking of the Dion Dream Team with Bob Rae and Ignatieff standing besides Dion and clapping their hands will all those other Liberals in the background. That sorta fell flat.
      I’m trying to imagine a picture of Justin surrounded by his handpicked and veteran candidates all cheering him on… or something like that ! Maybe it’s too late for the Liberals and their charismatic leader.

  16. Joe says:

    The federal liberals remind me of the Alberta provincial liberals in the election that almost wiped them out of the legislature. They both are fighting yesteryear’s battle with yesteryear’s rhetoric. Both have the appeal of shag carpet in a boogey van.

  17. Dave says:

    I look at those numbers and… two of the three major parties are down from their level of support in 2011.

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I think Liberals are far from dead. Quebecers voted NDP in order to support the only social-democratic federalist alternative available. In Alberta, Redford and Prentice proved that cynical politics can lead to surprising electoral consequences.

    Justin needs to fight to win in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Those provinces are key to forming a Liberal government.

    I prefer to ignore what the closet CPC supporters have to say. Our campaign needs to fight Harper in both BC and Ontario, while taking on the NDP in Quebec.

    We are far from where we ended up under Ignatieff. Despite what CPC posters are saying, the sky isn’t falling for Liberals. Our strategic emphasis needs to be based on regional micro-campaigns that are specifically targeted to win. The national campaign needs to serve as the bow on the box of regionally-based strategies.

    • RogerX says:

      On one hand you are saying that “Justin needs to fight…” and then you say “Our (LPC) strategic emphasis needs to be based on regional micro-campaigns…”. To me this sounds like you think the LPC should try to sell the “brand” and not the “leader”…. in “… the box of regionally-based strategies.”

      Perhaps you are saying that Justin should only visit and campaign in ridings in PQ, ON and AB which are deemed winnable. Surely this will be a losing rear guard action while retreating into friendly fields. Meanwhile Mulcair and Harper will be campaigning nationally while Justin will be trying to build firewalls to survive.

      I’m not a “closet CPC supporter”, but I just can’t see Justin rising into leadership of Canada, by any stretch of the imagination. I suspect both Harper and Mulcair will try to decapitate the LPC in leader debates and share the spoils come voting day.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      I hate to defend Justin because of the hacks behind him, but the downfall in Ontario can also be partially attributed to Wynne. The Liberal brand is not helped by the sell off of Ontario Hydro and 5 weeks of ineffective effort with teachers. Just as the Conservative brand took a beating in Alberta.

      Let’s go Tom! Looking forward to reading your autobiography this summer.

  19. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    I think the Federal Conservatives have a much bigger problem.

    I think progressive fiscal conservatives like me are just plain worn out from the daily grind of having to smile politely at constituency meetings while our own version of the peaNUT gallery rants and raves about every perceived slight.

    I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to literally paint a smile on my face so as to not explode all over some right wing nut who walked up to me at a meeting and assumed I would be perfectly okay discussing the merits of rewiring the constitution to ensure “our rights” to marriage between a man and a womyn are protected or why we need to “shut down” the ministry of “mis-educaton” here in Ontario.

    I gotta tell you it gets old after a while. You can only stand there sucking up the anger and stupidity from these people for so long.

    I was at a volunteer event the other day. As it happens I was the speaker. As I looked out across the room, I saw person after person I knew to be hard core NDP supporters. The room was full of them. My PC constituency “colleagues”, they had better things to do on a nice sunny Saturday, and my Liberal friends, they were all off at the country club, enjoying their last gin and tonic…

    • Patrice Boivin says:

      Sometimes it seems like political parties are nothing more than volunteer non-profit groups, except some of the volunteers are secretly hoping they can benefit if their party wins.

      I suppose many volunteers do it just because they want to better Canada, but I wonder how many.

      All the ones who didn’t bother showing up at your volunteer event are #1 volunteers, i.e. not all that committed, and #2 may be in it just in case they can profit later. (?)

      Not encouraging.

      Meanwhile 40-50% of Canadians don’t vote, and 40% haven’t talked about anything political in more than a year. They must things countries run themselves with no human involvement.

  20. Pat says:

    Almost ten years in power and the Harper Conservatives are polling at or near the top.

  21. RogerX says:

    Stretching the topic but Premier Notley has announced her Cabinet of 11 ministers here and their CVs:


    Lawyer — 1 (Notley)
    Political Science — 2 (one a bus driver who just studied topics)
    Social Workers — 3
    Teachers — 3
    Psychology/Philosophy — 1
    Farmer — 1
    Economist — 1 (Pakistan grad)

    Okay, this is “democracy” for the people, by the people and of the people. Now let’s see how well they manage and govern. The public service deputy ministers will exert great influence now given the sparsity of the cabinet material.

    IIRC, Bob Rae’s 1990 NDP cabinet had 25 ministers but I can’t find out who they were. It looks like Notley’s meager cabinet quality will require that every provincial policy is funneled through her… and Brian Topp plus a brigade of Dipper operatives.

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