06.04.2015 05:44 AM

About that ad

The one to the left.

In case you’re wondering, that space:

  1. Was first offered to Team Red, to a very senior person.  They said they’d get back.  They didn’t.
  2. Was next offered to Team Orange. They considered it for quite a while, but then very courteously said not yet.
  3. Was only then offered to Team Blue, who also reflected on it, then said yes.  They, too, were very courteous and professional.

The space has been on the market for many, many weeks.  And, to be blunt, multiple offers were made to assist Team Red.

They declined.


  1. doconnor says:

    Did you try Team Green?

  2. Christian says:

    Team Red are idiots.

    • Warren says:

      Three million annual visitors can’t be all wrong!

      The weird thing is they advertised here around time of 2011 election. Figured they’d do it again, but no dice. Their loss, etc.

  3. G. McRae says:

    Had to turn off AdBlock to see what the fuss is about. This has to be demoralizing for the Team Red hyper-partisans who frequent this web site. It is not like Team Red doesn’t have the cash, by many accounts donations have outpaced Team Blue for parts of 2014-2015.

    Slightly related topic, did someone forget to pay the bills at liblogs.ca?

    • Warren says:

      Why, they gone? They took me off there a while ago because someone sent them a legal threat. Ha!

      • G. McRae says:

        liblogs.ca gives a “404 Host Not Found” error for about a week now.

        I have a WK, Blogging Tories, Rabble, and Liblogs morning routine. Maybe not a good idea as some posts have been known to lead to indigestion. Not from this web site of course.

    • Matt says:

      The Liberals have not outpaced the CPC in donations for the last 9 years.

      There have been a few quarters since Trudeau became leader where the have had more DONORS than the Conservatives, but they havn’t beaten the Conservatives donation totals.

      First quarter 2015 the Conservatives were at about $6.5 million and the Liberals were at around $3.8 million.

      • Matt says:

        Elections Canada 2014 fundraising numbers, rounded to the nearest $100,000

        Conservatives $20.1 million

        Liberals $15.7 million

  4. Timothy O'Malley says:

    I agree with you, Al. Good thing my disappointment won’t affect Mr. Kinsella’s decision. Oh well, life goes on.

  5. Toronto6 says:

    Read your article in The Sun that you linked to. Good read.

    You wrote….

    “And do I still hope Trudeau wins? I do, I do. It’s time for a change. I like his energy and his positive attitude. Canada needs that, in Toronto-Danforth and elsewhere.”

    Honest question… do you still hope Trudeau wins?

    • Warren says:

      That’s an interesting question.

      • Lance says:

        And answer! 😉

      • Matt says:

        Fearless prediction:

        Election ends in status quo – CPC government, NDP official opposition, Liberals in third.

        Justin quits, 4th leadership race since 2006. The winner, and new Liberal leader is………..

        Mr. Warren Kinsella.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      It’s hard not cheering for the underdog. It’s even better when you start believing that s/he may do a great job. Triply good is when you realize that s/he is the only alternative.

      Unfortunately, Trudeau is nolonger the case of any of the above three.

  6. Tiger says:

    Yay for Team Blue, whose ad guy obviously has a sense of humour.

  7. chuckercanuck says:

    I think the ad really “classies” up the joint. And if it drives die-hard Liberals crazy, well, they’re nuts anyway. Just yesterday, I read a comment on this site where I guy claimed that Justin’s China-loving was taken out of context. A Liiberal event. A Liberal asks Justin a question: “what country does he most admire” and Justin’s answer is his answer.

    Anyway, maybe after the 2nd Harper majority government – or, during – the NDP and Liberals will realize they have to merge. That merger will be an NDP acquisition of the Liberals and poof! Federal Liberals are gone. Or to save face, everyone agrees to a change in name. The New Liberal Party? Or maybe something cleaner, like the Democratic Party. Afterall, Liberals are kind of Democrats and the NDP are hardly N anymore.

    Who else wants to guess at the name of the merged party?

    • Tiger says:

      The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada.

      Works nicely, too, as the UK Lib Dems are about to rebrand back to the Liberals. And they were a merger of the Liberals and the Social Democratic Party (and I always thought that the SDP made sense as a non-“New” name for the Dippers).

  8. doconnor says:

    One problem with paying to put an ad hear is almost all your visitors are highly politically aware, and are the least likely people to be influenced by a political ad. The Liberals may have bought ads in the past more to out of appreciation and ingratiation of Warren.

    I noticed during the Ontario election Conservative ads saturated the web. I suspect their main goal was to prevent ads from other parties from being seen rather then to advertize themselves. That might be the reason the federal Conservatives are choosing to advertize here.

  9. Andrea Micieli says:

    You’re a good person to offer. You’re a patient person to wait so long for a response. You’re a sensible person for filling the space for the Team that accepted.

    Sometimes we have to learn not to bend backwards to help people who clearly don’t want it. Because they’re geniuses of course and this website isn’t as hip as hashtags on Instagram. Hashtag activism for the win!

    • Warren says:

      Thanks my friend.

      I was persuaded that the decision was a good one when I heard from clients that they were telling people not to use my firm!

      It’s 2003-2004 all over again…

      • Bill MacLeod says:

        Holy crap!

        That’s just stupid. Nothing good could ever come of that. Nothing whatsoever.

        I don’t think it’ll matter much to your business — for long, anyway.



        • Warren says:

          It hasn’t mattered a bit. It was clients who told me about it – including one, an avowed Liberal, who said he didn’t give a shit what they said!

          Martin guys did the same thing. I’m still here. They ain’t.

          • Bill MacLeod says:

            Actually, it matters a lot — just not to you or your business. It reflects poorly on the wisdom of the Liberal team.

            I occasionally remind my disgruntled contacts that it is never wise to pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel.

            Picking a fight with a select group of those ink buyers — a group of successful spin doctors who “like to win” and are “never afraid of a tough fight” — well, that just seems stupid.

            What good could they possibly expect to come of this!



          • Warren says:

            Well, I’m a Black Irish Catholic. I never forget. And I’m not so good in the forgiveness department, either.

            What goes round come round.

          • Bill Templeman says:

            Warren, what is it about the Liberal Machine that seems to have a self-destruct virus? Their on-going dumbness towards you boggles the mind. Here you are, a Liberal through thick and thin, a Liberal with a following, and a Liberal capable of critical thinking, and they piss on you? It’s just not smart politics. When will we get a chance to vote on who gets into the Back Room at Team Liberal? After the next election?

          • Warren says:

            Butts wants lapdogs. Not me.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    First Conservatives. Now, fellow Liberals? Justin will come to regret his decision not to ass kick right out of the damned office. Hardly portrays the leader in a favourable light…but that’s his problem.

  11. Corey says:

    Interesting to me that Team Blue would find it worthwhile to post that on your site Warren… I imagine the readers of this site are more political than the average person, and probably not easily swayed by political advertising since they already have strong opinions….

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