06.22.2015 07:09 PM

BREAKING: Senior Liberal strategist is heard from!

(He sure is nicer when he wants something from you.)



  1. ian turnbull says:

    Something tells me the strategist is going to regret his tweet!

  2. Jacob Trouba says:

    What an ass

  3. Student501 says:

    Whoa, next post from the last of the red hot ex-Conservative press gatekeeper extraordinaire will be that Warren’s mother wears army boots or a triple dog dare to stick your tongue on a frozen telephone pole.

    It’s a fair question to ask, is Dimitri’s new found love for the Liberal party of Canada and long term relationship or should Eve lose in the election will he go back to his former alma mater ?

    it’s hard to let go to that PMO limo access….

  4. debs says:

    even worse he quoted Art Bergman, lol

  5. James Bowie says:

    Mr. Soudas is obviously forgetting that I have already claimed the adspace, and I have five weeks of ironic party endorsements being focus grouped as we speak.

  6. chuckercanuck says:

    My favorite quote from this fellow:

    (referring to Eve Adams) “I’d do anything for my family.”

    Of course, that doesn’t include dumping them to gain carnal knowledge of said MP Adams – future Minister of Democratic Change in a Trudeau government.

    But, if that quote is true, then of course he has shared every little tid bit of gossip and curio about the Harper government.

    • Student501 says:

      “But, if that quote is true, then of course he has shared every little tid bit of gossip and curio about the Harper government.”

      Opportunistic, yes….stupid, no.

      It’s highly doubtful that he’s told everything to the LPC, he’s surely holding on to the more interesting material for future sale around election day to ensure that should Eve actually win, that she be made a Cabinet minister of something.

  7. po'd says:

    I was curious why a Liberal strategist would want to contact you? And no offer to run? Some people just have no loyalty these days.

  8. P Brennan says:

    wow …what class

  9. Tiger says:

    Canadian politics really is a small town, isn’t it?

  10. Domenico says:


    Let me refer you to the reaction of a gloriously bloated and toupee’d Canadian (not Stephen Harper!) to being called a has been.


  11. KenzoS says:

    ok, let me try and unravel this.

    A sort of, once was fart catcher to the country’s biggest ass, makes himself a once was because of the strain of the job, then comes back to be the great will be, but gets himself pole axed from that for having hooked up with a spectacular never will be, and never was, drags his and her sorry asses over to a group that are quickly making themselves the once were who will never be, and accuses a man who perhaps once was, but can and does make an honest living outside of the has-been and once was (you know, writing books on a variety of topics and coherent columns and running a successful company,) of being a never was.

    That kind of logic needs a corner office, post-haste.

  12. Ronald O'Dowd says:



  13. Ron Newton says:

    What a couple eh ? They are the reason that I am considering moving my vote.

    When Adams crossed the floor it was an eye-roller, but then I remembered Soudas is her squeeze.

    I don’t vote for pricks.

    What’s the name of the NDP guy again ?

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