06.09.2015 08:29 PM

Dear politicians: Next time a CBC big wig lectures you about ethics?



  1. edward nuff says:

    big deal. Come back when kessel is traded. Sheesh.

  2. Bruce A says:

    It’s this sort of alledged activiy what makes many people suspicious of mainstream, corporate media. I quess the allures are just too many and too much.

    • cgh says:

      Bruce, CBC may be mainstream, but it ain’t corporate. It’s big socialist government-owned media. And as such, it’s not held accountable by anyone. NBC fired Brian Williams for nothing more than lying on his CV, but the Mother Corp has serial abusers wandering the corridors for years before the hammer falls. Meanwhile over at Friends of the CBC, they’re frantically ignoring the whole thing.

      • Bruce A says:

        cgh, Media conglomerates or other big organizations, for that matter, are just too big. They’re just uncontrollable. Think of the sub-prime mortage fraud, the biggest American banks are even larger now and they got away with it.

  3. cgh says:

    Hysterically funny. Yet another young talking head at CBC turns out to be a moral shyster after leading the charge against Duffy, Wallin et.al. He’s just following in the footsteps of Lewis, Lang and Ghomeshi.

  4. ottawacon says:

    I am actually quite saddened by this. Who he appeared to be is a genuine loss.

  5. Joe says:

    Why does the CBC seem to be a sheltered workshop for the ethically challenged?

  6. Tim Sullivan says:

    He was not a particularly good interviewer. I always wondered why he had those compound, 8 part questions.

  7. P Brennan says:

    I hope CRA got a chunk of those commissions ..if not originally then now … hey if your gonig to have the ethics of third world dictator as a journalist no reason to assume income taxes and hst need to be paid …looks bad on Basile and carney to be tied to this even though they seemed not to know about commissions….

  8. Michael says:

    The CBC probably has bigger problems than the senate. It should definitely be privatized.

    • smelter rat says:

      Oh FFS. If this occurred in the private sector do you really think anyone would have been fired? Or that would even know about it?

  9. JH says:

    The biggest problem now is who replaces him. Wishywashy Hall, Malewski who’s already been suspended once by the Ceeb, or Barton – she of the continuously nervous giggling? Some posters have likened her to a mule braying. None seen an especially good choice.

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