06.12.2015 06:23 AM

Going from first place to third!

Great job, Team Trudeau! Way to go!

Liberals losing steam as election approaches, polls suggest After leading in the polls for 2 years, the party is in danger of falling behind at the worst possible time


  1. Lance says:

    Peaked way too soon, dipping (no pun intended) at the worst possible moment.

  2. Boucher says:

    Rope-a-dope, keeping their powder dry, not peaking too early, waiting for the right time to make their move blah blah blah

  3. Michael says:

    Don’t worry, Trudeau will be just fine. The NDP will drop when people find out how destructive their plan is for the economy. In addition, according to John Ivison, Mulcair initially wanted to join the Tories if they offered him a cabinet position. That will certainly show up in attack ads.

  4. terry quinn says:

    I think the plan all along was to rebuild the finances and get the party machine rebuilt. He has pretty done that, has most of his candidates nominated, and if anyone has noticed he has stepped back a little from public type appearances where his picture is on the front page every day. When the HOC is out later this month the playing field for attention will be more level

    • chuckercanuck says:

      I noticed that! He’s just disappeared. Wonder why? Maybe because there’s only two kinds of appearances for Justin:

      1 – when he says nothing and goes around hugging “youths” (good appearances)
      2 – when he says something. anything. (bad appearances)

      I think Team Trudeau has realized the best chances are by hiding Trudeau.

  5. Felipe Morales says:

    Justin kicked all Senators from the caucus last year. Howcome no one is reminding the public about that? Is there a concrete economic proposal? What is the campaign going to be about? Why is nobody challenging the NDP on the Clarity Act?

    • Matt says:

      Ummm, because it didn’t change anything?

      They are all still Liberals despite what Trudeau claims.

      They just went from Liberal Senators to Senate Liberals

  6. ernest lustig says:

    A few years ago when I was on holidays, bumped into an ex MP for many years and he asked me what and how do you think Trudeau is doing. told him lets go to the drug store and he asked me why I told him I want to buy the widest and longest piece of tape and tape his mouth, give him a few thousand bucks and travel across the country and back and kiss and hug all the .ladies and kids and he will have no problem getting a majority in the next electyion

  7. edward nuff says:

    when i see Obama or Merkel at a g7 meeting i try to picture jt there. His dad gave great pirouette but Justin has me reaching for the Ativan in case he speaks.

  8. Ty says:

    Even at these numbers he still doubles the caucus he started with, and creates a minority parliament that wouldn’t last a year.

    I’m good.

  9. Corey says:

    Always risky to read too much into the tea leaves that are pre-election polls…. Rachel Notley was in third place WHEN THE WRIT WAS DROPPED IN ALBERTA… months ahead of the election who knows what will happen

  10. Ropshin says:

    New EKOS underlines what Warren has been saying: NDP 33.6 Conservatives 26.9 Liberals 23.3.

    The Liberals under Justin are fading to a distant third. The NDP has widened its lead over the Liberals by 4% in the last week. If the election is polarized between the NDP and the Conservatives the antipathy towards Harper is such that Trudeau could do worse than Ignatieff.

  11. Mark G says:

    Well, first in Alberta, and now potentially in all of Canada as well, we see the NDP cruising to victory over a divided right (latest EKOS has NDP at 33.6%, Cons at 27%, and Libs at 23%). So the answer is obvious: Harper and Trudeau need to sit down together and merge their two parties, and create the Conservative Liberal Party (CLP). Then the CLP can be a force to fight for stuff that’s important to them, like lower corporate taxes and increased powers for CSIS and stuff.

    • Matt says:

      Go back and look at EKOS’ final poll of the 2011 federal election.

      He underestimated CPC support by a full 6 points. He ALWAYS underestimates Conservative support.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Mark…..Do you mean like the Brits did? Blech.

      • Mark G says:

        No. That was just a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. I mean similar to what the Progressive Conservative Party and the Alliance Party of Canada did back in 2003 when they united into the Conservative Party of Canada (which was unite the right #1).

        The Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada should join — it would be “unite the right #2”, to create the Conservative Liberal Party (CLP). This would ensure that the NDP do not gain power due to a split right wing (due to Liberals and Conservatives splitting the right wing vote).

        Having the right united into the CLP would stop the NDP from doing horrible things like: create $15 a day child care for Canadian parents (yuck), or raise corporate taxes (ew!), or bring in proportional representation so all votes count (ick), or raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour (hum bug), or oppose selling out civil liberties by opposing Bill C-51 (shudder), devote dramatically more federal funding to pay for urban infrastructure via measures such as giving cities an extra cent of the federal gas tax (barf), and, well, just awful stuff like that — they must be stopped!

        To stop them, the Liberals and Conservatives need to band together. This way, corporate taxes can go down even lower, and universal programs like creating a million child care spaces over eight years (yuck!) can be stopped. Unite the right! Conservatives and Liberals must join to stop the NDP.

  12. ropshin says:

    The final EKOS poll before the Ontario election put the NDP at only 19% and it got 24%. So hard to argue that EKOS has a pro-NDP bias

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