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It’s Forum, but…

it’s more or less consistent with other, recent, polls. There are a variety of reasons for it, some of which I’ve written about.

But – as I asked a couple Tories seen in Ottawa this week – my question remains this: “Did you guys do your job on Justin too well?”

That they have hurt Justin Trudeau’s reputation, and his party’s brand, is beyond dispute. But they have (as a result) facilitated some of Tom Mulcair’s growth, through neglect.  So why haven’t the CPC done to the godless socialists what they did to Trudeau?

It’s Summertime, now, and nobody (apart from political kooks like thee and me) is paying attention to political stuff. So it will be hard to take Angry Tom down a peg or two. Bien sur.  But the Tories – and the Grits – need to start doing it, pronto. 

Here are the three themes I would start hammering at, over and over, until the Dippers are gasping for air:

  • The NDP are crypto-separatists: Me and others have written about this, but now Team Blue and Team Red need to go at it, too, in earnest.  The NDP favours breaking up the country on the basis of one vote.  The NDP opposes the Clarity Act.  The NDP plays footsie with the separatists.  And, with the Duceppe-led Bloc now starting to eat their lunch, the Mulcair NDP are going to get even more nationalistic than they were before.  Make them pay for that.
  • The NDP are crooked: Want to get Angry Tom looking angry again? Ask him about the millions that dozens of New Democrat MPs pilfered from Parliament.  Wow! He just about blows a head valve! The Board of Internal Economy is about to garnish the public funds doled out to NDP MPs – including Mulcair – because they have refused to pay back what they owe. So, just as the NDP have made Grits and Tories bleed for the misdeeds of their Senate colleagues, it’s time to turn the tables: make the NDP caucus look like a bunch of criminals for ripping off the taxpayer.  It worked (for the NDP) in the Senate, it’ll work (for the Tories and the Grits) in the House.
  • The NDP are beholden to Big Unions: Unifor and the like are drifting back into the NDP column, after being more or less “unaffiliated” for the past decade or so.  In places like Ontario, that could pay big dividends for the Liberals and the Conservatives: this Fall, for example, we are likely to see an education general strike, and the NDP can be expected to refuse to do anything about it. Can you imagine Angry Tom on the campaign trail, with even Angrier Parents screaming at him because his party refuses to send teachers back to the classroom? It’ll be beautiful.

Those are just a few of the ways Libs and Tories can get at the surging socialist horde.  Got any others, Dear Reader? Comment away! Write your own attack ad! Write your own attack speech! Write attack talking points! 

You have nothing to lose but, you know, power!


  1. Malcolm Jolley says:

    All of these points are true, but none of them change the fact that voting for the NDP is now the best and most assured way to get rid of Harper. The millions of Canadians who are planning to go orange, for the most part, I think, already know they are taking a chance. They are already closing their eyes and leaping off the cliff. I doubt they want to be reminded of that. Just ask David Peterson how well scary stories about the NDP work.

    • George says:

      I believe that’s what you call “cutting off your nose to spite your face” (voting NDP, that is…I don’t need my taxes raised to pay for entitlement programs.)

      I also don’t want to see our current CPC government win again and continue to squander money on all sorts of partisan schemes, or sell Canada off to the highest bidder.

      It is a shame there isn’t a reasonable alternative between the NDP and the CPC. You know – fiscally conservative, socially liberal, nationalist focus – ideally with a mature, level-headed and respectable leader.

      I said it during the LPC convention and will say it again. Should have gone with Garneau. No star power relative to Trudeau but would have likely assembled a competent team, and with the mood in the air right now about dumping Harper, would be a great alternative to Mulcair.

      I won’t vote for Trudeau, I won’t vote for Harper – but I can’t vote for Mulcair. What’s a man to do?

      • Priyesh says:

        I’m holding my nose for Mulcair. I see some things I like, but I’m willing to accept that he’s far less dangerous than Harper.

        * Social: the NDP has been for marriage equality and women’s rights for decades. I trust them on this file.

        * National: Opposing the clarity act is worrisome. Mulcair has gotten Quebec to vote for a Federalist party. That has to count for something in the national unity column. And support for sovereignty has fallen, while the BQ can’t break passed their 2011 numbers. I feel confident that separatism is moot.

        * Fiscal: this is probably the biggest question mark. The Bob Rae factor really weighs heavy on me, and I’m sure there are at least a few loons in the NDP caucus. But Mulcair has dragged the party to the center on trade, and insists on following the Roy Romonow / Tommy Douglas model of balanced budgets. Harper cut taxes for corporations, and Mulcair will scale those back. If you’re truly a hardcore right wing conservative, then this won’t make you happy. But if you believe in balanced budgets, I think this is long overdue, and a step back towards the fiscal sanity from before Harper took over.

        • MississaugaPeter says:

          No Party or Leader is Perfect.

          Far from it. Not in Canada, not in the United States, not in any country in the world. If you think your Party or Leader is Perfect than you really are not thinking.

          I will not have to hold my nose. I am unsure how or why our host has all of a sudden it appears taken a dislike for Mulcair (I sure hope it is not because this fine website was referred to as the B word), or if he really believes that even the NDP were actually chasing Bill Blair, or he feels that the most important piece of legislation in Canada is Bill C-51, or if he just wants a close horse race like the rest of the media?

          Anyways, I am unsure how Mulcair became a separtist and why he would not agree with the Clarity Act, and the NDP did misspend millions of Canadian dollars like every other Party unfortunately does, and I hope that the NDP do not allow the unions to take over again. Being utter pacifists I may have some problems with them.

          But where I see the moral compass and crass arrogance and complete self-entitlement of the Liberals and Conservatives, I am over here now. Not my usual bandwagon mates, but the disgust me and millions of other Canadians see in the traditional two Parties has pushed us over here. I hope Mulcair becomes prime minister and uses his temperment and intelligence to rid us of the other two self-absorbed Parties. Maybe a real Party or real Leader that is not in it just for themselves and that is closer to my beliefs will emerge.

          I do not fear any of the three Parties in power. The sun will rise, and I will have to work every day, no matter which is in power. However, the two greatest big picture issues that I care for most right now for Canada, an abolition of an unelected Senate and the end of the monarchy, at least the NDP are at least pushing one (while the others are none).

  2. Haywood says:

    Education is a federal thing now?

  3. Joe says:

    According to his ads, Mulcair thinks the middle class need government assistance. Which brings to mind the POW joke about a change of clothing where Bob changes with Don who changes with Dale who…. except each time they exchange the guards burn a sets of clothes which eventually eaves everyone embarrASSED.

  4. CM says:

    Today’s NDP, just like yesterday’s BQ!

    The NDP: Standing up for Quebec

    The NDP: Now with more Separatists!

    Tom Mulcair: Not a Federalist

    Canada’s NDP: Making Vote Parking Easy Since 1961

    Canada’s NDP: They were “New” when Diefenbaker was Prime Minister

    The NDP: Still Recycling tired old ideas for the 21st Century

    Tom Mulcair: He’s Jack Layton without all the Jack Layton!

    Tom Mulcair: If you think he’s going to play the guitar you’d be wrong

    Tom Mulcair: Kinda like Lucien Bouchard. No?

    Canada’s NDP: Getting it Wrong Since 1961

    Tom Mulcair: He Didn’t Move to Ottawa for You

    The NDP: We Still Don’t Like Saying the Word Socialist … But We Think it ALL. THE. TIME.

    The NDP: We’ll Use Your Money However We Damn Well Please

    Tom Mulcair: For Those of You who Think Stephen Harper isn’t Angry Enough

  5. Stephen says:

    Why do “they need to start doing it,” apart from the fact that it’s in the common interests of the two old-line parties to scare Canadians into believing no other choices exists but Liberal or Conservative?

    Your identical marching orders to Team Red and Team Blue give the game away: they’re the same team wearing different colours, like a hockey team that wears darks at home and whites on the road.

    Eating the NDP’s lunch in Quebec? Latest Forum poll has NDP at 36% in QC. Some lunch. Playing footsie? The NDP largely eliminated the BQ in the last election, as voters turned to a party that wants to make the federation work. When was the last time Team Red won 50+ seats in QC?

    BOIE? Kangaroo Court. Real courts, on the other hand, are looking or have looked into the activities of Mac Harb, Mike Duffy, Dean del Mastro, etc. The list is not a short one.

    Big Unions! Horrors! I seem to recall the leader of Team Red speaking about the importance of organized labour in the spring of this year. The Canadian Press reported (Joan Bryden!): “Trudeau has been making a concerted effort of late to woo support from the labour movement, which has traditionally been more aligned with the NDP.” Days later, however, he dispatched Dominic LeBlanc to criticize NDP support for unions. Pick a lane, Justin.

    No, I’m afraid these are dogs that won’t hunt.

    Do have a good summer, though.

  6. jeff316 says:

    A perfect list of NDP weak spots, with the exception of the union critique. Suggesting that the unions were recently “more or less “unaffiliated”” is rather cute. When unions support the Liberals, they’re “unaffiliated”?

  7. Doris says:

    “until the Dippers are gasping for air”

    “grasping at straws”

  8. Happyjack says:

    Guys no one who is not a die hard Lib or Con thanks Tom Mulcair is “angry”. Talk to people outside your bubble.

  9. Lance says:

    Tom Mulcair – he didn’t stay Liberal for you.

  10. P Brennan says:


    Vote for angry Tom ..he will have you by the —–.

  11. gyor says:

    People don’t care about Quebec nationalists in the NDP, partly because most people I know stopped caring about if Quebec Seperates or not years ago.

    Going on about the Judgement of the BOIE will backfire, the NDP can point out things like it wasn’t allowed to call witnesses, and it will look like the CPC and Liberals are corrupt with no interest in Justice, tie that in to bill C-51.

    The right has been going on and on about the NDP and Unions for years, right now Unions are more popular then the CPC.

  12. davie says:

    I find I third to figure out exactly what the details are about the NDP use of public funds. I assume that new MP’s came to Ottawa, the party hired people to work for those individual MP’s, but the party assigned those employees to work in locations away from where the MP or the MP’s constituency was. The hires worked in party offices in other cities.
    This sounds like NDP HQ did the hiring. I doubt young new MP’s would come up with such a dastardly scheme, and that is why I cannot figure out why Calandra, Duncan and Trudeau keep claiming individual MP’s owe money.
    As well, if the Cons and Libs had a good case, why would they go in camera and refuse to allow evidence and argument on either side be public?
    It is almost as if the Cons/Libs argument is ‘Did so, Did so, Did so!’

    As for NDP, if they claim innocence, then take it to court. Quit dicking around with negotiated settlement talks with these hucksters.

    Angry Tom? Still on that one? Ranks with ‘Go Leafs, go’ outside of Toronto – Ottawa!

    BIG UNIONS? Are those the same thugs run by the BIG UNION BOSSES that Poilievre keeps warning us about? Yeah, I think Libs and Cons should get their third party advertisers on to that one. That will have an impact on the undecided.

  13. doconnor says:

    I’m more worried Mulcair will pull a Horwath and alienate the NDP’s core supporters. They are supposed to do that after they get elected.

  14. Harvey Bushell says:

    “Angry Tom” isn’t really a useful meme any longer. Many Canadians are angry too and don’t mind the thought of a leader with the same frame of mind being there to represent them. I certainly don’t and he’s a far cry better than “Dead Eyes” Harper who most Canadians are clearly weary of. Trudeau might be “The Kid” but that won’t last long as he gets a bit older and matures (assuming he’s still around after what looks like a possible upcoming drubbing at the polls).

    • Lance says:

      At 43 years of age, where are most men (let alone other successful politicians at that age) at this point in their lives, experienced, done? Are they considered “youthful” or “a kids”? This “Trudeau is young yet” bullshit is getting so fucking tiresome. He isn’t going to “grow into it”; he’s had MORE than enough time to do that already. Either shit or get of the goddamn can already.

  15. Matt says:

    I don’t think there is any dispute the NDP have made gains, but the polls are all over the place, specifically EKOS and Forum.

    The last EKOS (June 19th) had the Dippers dropping 4 points to be less than a point ahead of the CPC after two weeks of big NDP gains.

  16. Matt says:

    Remember who Forum had winning the Toronto mayoral election by a landslide before the election really got under way, an even in the opening weeks of the campaign?

    Just saying.

  17. Priyesh says:

    The union thing could really backfire. The last time the Liberal party attacked teachers, the NDP elected their first MPP in Kitchener-Waterloo.

  18. Matt says:

    Quote Warren:
    So why haven’t the CPC done to the godless socialists what they did to Trudeau?

    No party does more internal polling, market research, focus groups, public poll analysis than the federal Conservatives.

    It’s possible their internal numbers differ greatly from the public numbers.

  19. George says:

    Tom Mulcair: You’ve seen his beard but have you seen his face? What else is he hiding?

  20. Kelly says:

    The NDP will likely win a minority. I’ve said it all year. None of Warren’s suggestions for attacks will be effective — and for one reason. All the problems with the country right now were caused by the Conservatives and the Liberals. YOU guys messed everything up. The Liberal party was dragged kicking and screaming into creating a social safety net by the CCF and NDP. And Harper’s reason for being is to wreck that safety net so grouchy old white guys can have even more power and money. Remember, the sovereignty movement in Quebec blossomed and grew while Conservatives and Liberals were in Office. People are sick of phonies. Todays conservative and Liberal parties are two sides of the same coin. Time to try a different currency altogether. It’s just time.

    • Jason says:

      I’m sorry Kelly, your comment is absurd.
      Its true that there are Liberals with “blue” and “red” priorities but to suggest the Liberals were dragged “kicking and screaming” to create the social safety net is just partisan. Obviously the NDP hasn’t been in power so can’t be blamed for the problems that exist. Neither can the Rhino party. If you want to assign the blame for the problems to the parties, then you can’t take the credit.

      • Kelly says:

        The cornerstones of our safety net…CPP and Medicare were brought in when the Liberals had a minority government and the CCF/NDP held the balance of power (the USA had social security and Medicare for seniors before Canada did. Medicare wad brought in by sn AS NDP government in Sask and the Luberals fought against it all the way. The Liberals promised a childcare program for years but only got religion when they were reduced to a minority government. They killed the deficit by offloading programs to the provinces, decimating unemployment insurance rather than reversing Mulroney’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Canadians.

        At least Mr. Chretien extended mat leave and brought in compassionate leave. Good things.

        Yes my comments were partisan but that’s what happens during elections. Incidentally I will be volunteering for a good Liberal Candidate in my riding because the NDP have no hope of winning it and the existing Con MP is do nothing backbencher who is thankfully not running again. We’ve had the best results with Liberal minority governments propped up by the NDP.

  21. John from Saskatoon says:

    I know that Harper haters like to go for broke with this line but what exactly is so wrong with Canada right now? Seriously. C-51? I guess if you’re a terrorist you might have an actual issue. Economics? Contrary to popular rhetoric Canadians have never been better off. Household debt levels? Well whose fault is that? Did Harper call and tell you to buy the big screen tv on your credit card. Senate? Harper tried to reform. Nobody would play ball including the SCC. He had to appoint Senators because the Libs had a majority and nothing would get passed. In fact A court decision just said Harper had to appoint Senators as denying Senate representation was unconstitutional. Has no personality? Oh well then. Doesn’t pander to criminals and thinks they should pay for their crimes? Bad man. Hidden agenda when it comes to gay marriage and abortion? Still guys? If you want to hate the guy at least make some sensical arguements instead of he’s a poopy head.

    • Don Wilson says:

      John, how about muzzling scientists, trashing the environment and scuttling international global warming agreements, not to mention expanding our national debt?

  22. Hawaii Five Oh says:

    “The NDP are beholden to Big Unions”.. booyaa… good this does not happen in Ontario

  23. Patrice Boivin says:

    I started a response but it is growing into a long essay, so I won’t comment here.

    I have little hope that any party is sane enough to govern this country properly.
    It’s very discouraging.

    The older I become, the more jaded I become.

    Questions for the NDP…
    – the Constitution is full of contradictions between the First Nations’ rights, multiculturalism and the Two Founding Nations meme. The NDP used to be keen on multiculturalism and everyone being equal, not so much on the other two. Now that they have so many MPs from Quebec, has their story changed regarding the Two Founding Nations meme?
    – they claim they intend to abolish the Senate. To replace it with what? How do they intend to get rid of the Senate? Why not just ensure the Senate lives up to its mandate and prevent it from doing partisan politics?
    – they intend to implement proportional representation. Does that mean our government will be as unstable as Italy’s with elections every couple of years? At what cost.
    – the NDP government in Nova Scotia didn’t do much of what they promised. Was that a local phenomenon?
    – do you intend to implement a carbon tax like the NDP in Alberta are planning.
    – to cut emissions, will you include nuclear power in your strategy or will you only select options which cost more per gigawatt (wind, solar).
    – how do you propose to prevent fanatical groups who don’t think rationally and only run on rage and emotion from spreading? Being nice to them wouldn’t work.
    – what is your position and/or solution on off shore tax havens for publicly traded corporations, private companies and individuals
    – since Mr. Mulcair is a dual citizen, does he plan to add France to the group of five countries we have multiple surveillance treaties with? What are the implications of that
    – how does the NDP propose fixing the military procurement problem.
    – socialists and humanists tend not to be as religious. Where do you stand on religious rights in Canada vs. the secular?

    • Patrice Boivin says:

      I had started to list similar probing questions for the other two main parties, but stopped, most of the Canadian public doesn’t even know there are elections coming up this Fall, it’s pretty hopeless.

  24. Peter Mumford says:

    Provincial developments can certainly have federal implications. In 1988, the federal NDP got several seats in Ontario, and a decent share of the popular vote. But by the early 90’s, the provincial NDP obviously wasn’t that popular with pretty much anyone in Ontario, and the federal NDP likewise saw their popular vote in the province plummet, and were completely shut out of Ontario in the ’93 and ’97 federal elections. It took nearly two decades for the federal NDP to recover in Ontario. There were similar parallels in the western provinces too.

  25. Bruce says:

    Duceppe will trash the NPD in Quebec by confronting Quebec nationalists with their mistake of voting for Layton’s Orange Crush koolaid and getting a bunch of incompetent NPD MPs in Ottawa unable to defend the interests of Quebec.

    Duceppe will be merciless in reminding Quebecers they abandoned the BQ in favour of Torontonian Layton. He tricked Quebecers and they ended up with incompetent NPD MPs who could not defend Quebec interests. Duceppe will say that in anger and Quebecers will listen!

    Duceppe has the credibility to deliver this message and challenge Quebec nationalists to come back to the BQ. That should significantly deplete NPD support in Quebec and drop the NDP nationally.

    • doconnor says:

      Do you have evidence to support your “incompetent” claim?

      Hopefully they are competent enough not use the french acronyms when writing in English.

  26. Don Wilson says:

    Sorry, Mr, Kinsella, I’ll voting Liberal in my riding because the woman running for the Liberals is the best candidate here. But if Mulcair wins a minority gov’t; I will be will not be disappointed. A lot of centre and left-leaning Liberals have no problem with Mulcair as an option for turfing Harper is Team Trudeau continues to drop the ball.

  27. Well, that and the comments were an interesting read.

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