06.05.2015 07:34 AM

Jesus Sanders

Check out this scientific study:


Query: why do conservatives profess to love Jesus, but hate Bernie? Shame on them!

Another reason why I have abandoned Hillary and embraced Bernie: his seminal role in shaping the New England punk scene, about which I have a very keen interest.

Go, Bernie, go!


  1. Dave says:

    Can never figure out why so many Canadian political types have a horse in American political races.

    • chuckercanuck says:

      “Can never figure out why so many Canadian political types have a horse in American political races”

      Because its fun. There’s only so much nationalistic party pooping available and you, Dave, have cornered the market on it.

      Bernie Saunders was also mayor of the best city in the US: Burlington, VT. Scott Walker governs from the second best city in the US: Madison, WI.

      What a match up that would be!

  2. Peter says:

    why do conservatives profess to love Jesus, but hate Bernie?

    Hmm, interesting question. Here’s another. Why are non-conservatives prone to throwing out such simplistic and absurd stereotypes of conservatives? I’m sure we would love Bernie if he had had a seminal role in shaping 1950’s Broadway musical revivals. We think that’s what Jesus would have done.

  3. sezme says:

    (I have a right to vote in US elections, so there’s my horse) I have this terrible feeling that the Democrats are going to make a colossal mistake by nominating Hillary. Not because she’s a woman. I’d love a woman president, like Elizabeth Warren. But because I don’t think she could win if the Republicans manage to nominate someone with actual charisma. One thing Americans (and most populations) won’t do is elect someone who appears to feel that they are entitled to the job, as Hillary does. And that’s quite apart from how I cringe at her hawkish policies and the dynasty behind her.

    I predict (with regret) that Chris Christie will be the president of the US in 2016 if things continue as they have been. She might be able to beat Scott Walker, though.

    • edward nuff says:

      i thought it was in the bag for jeb bush.

    • smelter rat says:

      So far not a single Rep candidate has an ounce of charisma. They have several lunatics though.

    • MPAVictoria says:

      I would bet you $5,000 that Christie will not be the President of the United States. Simply won’t happen.

      Bernie, as much as I love him, won’t be president either. Hopefully he manages to push Hilary a little to the left though.

  4. doconnor says:

    In 2000 years I’m sure conservatives will be able to misinterpret Bernie’s words to support thier preconceived notions aswell.

  5. King Prick says:

    Bernie Sanders is a disaster waiting to happen. His politics and big mouth aside.Joe Lieberman couldn’t do it and Bernie Sanders won’t either. If it took America this long to elect an African American President, it’ll take them even longer to elect a Jewish president. Don’t forget that some of the founding fathers were notoriously anti-jewish and that’ll play in the US in a big way. (I’m just stating what I think is the obvious problem in having Sanders as a candidate.)

    And why Sanders? He really comes off as nothing more than a pedantic twit when you compare him to Elizabeth Warren.

  6. Priyesh says:

    Wow, Warren. Have you gone socialist?

    • King Prick says:

      Warren is far from a socialist. She’s an “accountability-ist.” Have you seen her destroy Geitner or the head of The Federal Reserve or any of the appointed governmental oversight liars? She’s a person that understands that the best route to a happy democracy or world for that matter is fairness for all. Government—all of them in capitalist democracies are actually the communists. Corporatism and the sentient status of a corporation is proof of that. We’re the serfs and the corporations rule us. They give us what they want and take what we have. That, Priyesh is communism.

  7. Patrice Boivin says:

    I guess it’s okay to compare politicians to fictional characters, they’re both larger than life.

  8. Joe says:

    The funny thing is that Jesus Christ can be used to support any political philosophy you choose. The Socialists are just as justified as the Conservatives and the the Conservatives just as justified as the Socialists when then claim Jesus as one of their own. Wasn’t it Chesterton who compared Jesus to a trick rider? At one time appearing about to fall off the left side of the horse then in the next instance appear about to fall of the right side of the horse yet all the while remain fully in control and in his own saddle.

  9. Left Coast says:

    He is talking about that other Warren…

  10. Hawaii Five Oh says:

    “Bernie Sanders says rape-fantasy essay was fiction”

    Imagine… Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz writing such a degenerate sewer grade novel that degrades women same as Sanders did?
    Yoko Ono nuclear grade whining and wailing would follow ,, front page NYT’s , ClintonNewsNetwork , TorStar , CBC & the usual suspects for weeks ..endless


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