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June 9, 2015: a great day for ethics in Canada

Sometimes you just want to puke. 



  1. Matt says:

    So, what the hell can be done about the Senate?

    Supreme Court ruled any reform requires opening up the constitution and 7 of the 10 provinces representing over 50% of the population need to agree on the reforms. So Harper’s planned Triple E Senate is toast

    The SCoC ruling also poo-poos Trudeau’s planned change to how Senators are appointed..

    Abolishing the Senate requires unanimous consent of all ten provinces which ain’t happening, so Mulcair’s plan is down the crapper.

    The Senate sure as hell isn’t going to implement any of Ferguson’s recommendations on their own.

    So what can be done???

    • Simon says:

      Pat Martin of the NDP introduced a bill to defund the Senate. Essentially it would just wither, without input from provinces.

      If the public really is fed-up with the Senate, then public opinion would prevent provincial governments from raising a fuss about it. (Whereas with constitutional consultations everyone brings out their demands, with the public behind them).

      Cons and Libs combined to vote it down.

      • Matt says:

        But would that bill have had to been passed by the Senate?

        I mean, sure the Senate traditionall rubber stamps legislation passed by the HOC, but they wouldn’t pass anything that threatens their existence.

        • Simon says:

          Can you imagine the optics if the Senate voted down a HoC bill cutting their budget? The public would go ballistic, and it would tar the Libs and Cons (whose Senators were doing the voting down). The NDP would come out looking great.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Also…besides unanimity amongst the Provinces, the Senate has to agree to abolish itself!

    • cgh says:

      Audits from the AG are clearly a waste of time and money. The report found about $1 million in questionable expenses. The audit cost $23 million, implying that Canadian taxpayers lost financially by having the audit rather than just letting things slide.

      • smelter rat says:

        We’ve been letting things slide since Confederation. Pretty sure that will add up to more than $23 million.

    • edward nuff says:

      the only way anything ever gets done. Turn off the money tap cause our form of democracy isn,t working anymore. until we become citizens instead of taxpayers we,ll be forced to put up with an endless series of sociopathic gasbags like harper and his ilk.

  2. Steve T says:

    Going off on a bit of a tangent here, but this sort of thing makes me laugh when there is talk of privatizing liquor sales in Ontario (or here in Manitoba), and the entrenched interests always talk about how only government workers can truly run an ethical liquor monopoly. If we let liquor sales fall into the hands of the private sector, there will be chaos! Alcoholism will run rampant!! Sales of booze to 6-year-olds! Ethical bedlam!

    Yes, I can see how only the private sector has ethical issues. Thank goodness for the Dudley Do-Rights in government, or government-funded organizations like the CBC.

    • doconnor says:

      If a private sector executive did this, they would be slapped on the back for their effective use of networking. I guess journalists and the public sector have higher standards and a lot more scrutiny then the private sector.

      • cgh says:

        Umm, no. In the corporate world, you’re working for the company, not yourself. Dismissal is almost invariably immediate. What this speaks to is the lack of accountability in crown corporations with no effective shareholder.

  3. Al in Cranbrook says:

    On the topic of “ethics”, or the lack thereof, yet more revelations from Vivian Krause…


    No more stops at Timmy’s for me, and I let them know it in no uncertain terms.

    • smelter rat says:

      Vivian Krause? Oh Al, you really are a prize.

      • Al in Cranbrook says:

        You didn’t hear on CBC, so it can’t be true, eh, Rat?


        No doubt, if it was reported (by the usual suspects) that the NRA dropped $50 in a collection plate at some gun club, you’d be having a fit and screaming bloody murder about American meddling in Canada’s politics.

        But these radical eco activists dump tens of millions into Canada to undermine our energy sector…industry that employs hundreds of thousands across Canada directly and indirecty…no big deal. It’s a left wing cause, so no story here, eh? Nothing to see here, folks, now move along.

        Believe me, I get your point.

    • Don Wilson says:

      Why stop at half measures, Al? Go all the way. Why stop at Tim’s? Boycott hockey. Boycott pizza. Boycott poutine. Boycott curling. Boycott Trooper and Ann Murray. I know you already boycott Neal Young. Boycott winter! Al, you’re an anti-Canadian! Let’s call up CSIS; maybe C-51 is a good idea after all.

  4. P Brennan says:

    they should do same at MP level ….shame charge bad ones – send message that we arent your piggy bank just becuse you were elected to a job , often far from home but one that pays well and that you applied for…

  5. patrick says:

    Solomon is fired for brokering art deals as a side job. Uh, was it lousy art? Was the art leftist for using too much red and therefore a conflict with his political show? Was he bringing up art to often during work? This one is just so going by me today.

  6. Houland Wolfe says:

    The four scariest words to hear on your phone . . . “It’s Kevin Donovan calling.”

  7. P Brennan says:

    I thought journalists were suppose to be independent hard hitting types that ask tough questions and maybe even piss off your guest …how can you do that when you are hoping your guests buy art from a business colleague , or you give a paid speech at an oil conference blah blah blah – if interviews etc are just mamby pamby puff pieces why bother…

    I also find it hard to beleive these folks dont use phones, computers , etc paid for by CBC to set up their work

  8. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Sooo, let’s see if I’ve got this right…

    PM Harper tries to have senators elected, but is opposed by the NDP and Liberals, and opposed or ignored by the provinces.

    PM Harper tries to have term limits enacted, but is opposed by the NDP and Liberals, and finally the Supreme Court (whom think they are the real government of Canada…but that’s another story.)

    PM Harper finally gives in and appoints senators because the senate is running out of live bodies, and pretty much no longer functional according to the Constitution. Everybody craps on the PM for appointing senators.

    No doubt fed up anything to do with the GD senate nobody would let him reform even slightly, and certainly after very prominent and seemingly worthy members of the MSM he appointed to the senate turned out not so worthy, the PM is once again balking at appointing senators. Everybody craps on the PM for NOT appointing senators.

    Of the 9 senators’ files turned over to the RCMP, one was appointed by PM Harper, and the rest by mostly his Liberal predecessors. Nevertheless, according to Mulcair this is ALL ON PM HARPER.

    And according to Trudeau and Liberals, the Liberals whom appointed most of the some 30 senators in question, and the same Liberals (including senators) who blocked every attempt at even minor reforms, REAL reform would be to kick them out of party caucuses…you know, now that there are more Conservative senators than Liberal senators.

    Because, as is now clear to all, it was the NDP and Liberals all along that wanted to reform the senate, and obviously NOT PM Harper and the CPC…certainly if you listen to the Liberals and the MSM.

    You just cannot make up s**t like this.

    And people wonder why fewer and fewer have any faith in anything either politicians or the MSM have to say about anything.

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