06.14.2015 05:33 PM

New York claims to be Pennsylvania, CNN reports

New York’s parents issues statement denying claim. 



  1. Peter says:

    Maybe CNN overheard the fugitive convicts saying that, on the whole, they’d rather be in Philadelphia.

  2. RogerX says:

    CNN is, I beleive, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia ….. so it’s not a surprise somebody there don’t know anythin’ above the Mason-Dixon Line ….lol


  3. Bruce Marcille says:

    Reminds me of the cherry picking, sniggering episodes of “Talking to Americans” which ran on CBC.

    Thankfully, I think it was Steve Carrell who did a “Talking to Canadians” in equally poor taste.

    My irritant is watching Radio-Canada (CBC en francais) and seeing maps with Canada and the US lumped together in nondescript grey and treated as international coverage, while Qu├ębec is in vibrant blue/green.

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