06.30.2015 07:28 AM

She blew a big lead before, she’ll do it again

He’ll beat her.


  1. SD says:

    She’ll win as long as she doesn’t mention the children.

  2. SD says:

    The fortunate thing for her is that parties and their leaders will play a dominant role in the campaign. Good local candidates may swing about five of the vote.

  3. JLK says:

    As soon as she has to explain an issue or debate Vaughan, voters will see the big difference. Listening to her speak is a painful experience. She didn’t even last a year in the private sector! Just retire.

  4. jeff316 says:

    She would lose to Vaughan, but she’d keep it close as she’d bring out the worst in Vaughan and she’d make him look like the asshole that he is. She’d be better of in the new riding they’re creating nearby.

    • Warren says:

      I think he’s a talented politician, myself.

      • jeff316 says:

        He is! But he is easily rattled. He’s easy to agree with on principle, and easy to like from afar. Working up close, as many find out, well not so much. It’s a lot easier to be on everyone’s team as an independent, non-party affiliated local rep of a few neighbourhoods. Less so as an MPP or a larger, more diverse riding.

  5. Ropshin says:

    She will have Mulcair to buoy her up. He will have Justin to drag him down.

  6. Justin says:

    If the Liberals come 3rd like in the current polls, Chow wins. Incumbency can’t beat a wave. See Mainstreet poll, Chow+8 over Vaughan.

    • Justin says:

      Apologies for not seeing that the same poll I described is in the link, but nonetheless it’s more accurate to compare Chow against her federal than her mayoral election performance.

  7. Matt says:

    Two “progressive” heros battling it out for the same seat.

    Grab your popcorn boys and girls, this is going to be good.

    But I do have to wonder: If the national polls still had the Liberals on top, would it be Vaughan with an eight point lead on Chow?

  8. gyor says:

    Adam Vaughan is not a progressive.

  9. John kerr says:

    I think both of them should be elected, in different ridings and shouldn’t be fighting each other. It is a waste of energy and money in the ABC/ABH campaign.

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