07.15.2015 07:15 AM

Counting chickens before they’re hatched, etc. 



  1. peter in Bronte says:


  2. Tired of it All says:

    Hahahahaaa. Oooops.

  3. Joe says:

    Ah yes the haberdasher that beat Dewey despite the media writing him off.

  4. Tim says:

    I can see how one would ridicule this. However, it is the responsible thing to do to prepare for such a scenario rather than getting caught off guard at the end of it all.

  5. smelter rat says:

    “It absolutely makes sense and it’s totally appropriate for people to be talking to them and for them to be asking,” – David Zussman

  6. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Those suffering HDS will not be happy about this news…


    Mentioned because constantly hearing among the usual suspects how Harper has somehow ruined Canada’s international reputation gets more than a tad tiresome.

    • Brad says:

      Have you ever travelled outside of Canada? I have been to Europe many times and if you tell people you are from Canada, they look at you like they have no idea where it is. It’s not a few months after WWII anymore where they run and hug you for saving them. Most Europeans could care less about Canada anymore.

      The only reference I ever saw on the news over there was how the tar sands in Canada are ruining the environment.

      • Al in Cranbrook says:

        Well, no, I haven’t so far…but I’ll get over it.

        Truth be told, what the left are eternally upset about is that they fear Canada’s international reputation has been ruined among socialists (and communists) in other nations. I certainly hope so!

        As for the “tar sands” supposedly ruining Canada’s environment, you sure you are not thinking of the CBC and CTV? You know?

        Of course, if as you say nobody anywhere else in the world ever heard of Canada anyway, I guess that should be cause for relief among lefties who fret this topic ever so much.

    • edward nuff says:

      using Ctv as a source to support your cognitive dissonance re stasi Steve is like asking fox news to be fair and balanced.

  7. Matt says:


    “CBC news has learned………”

    Uh, yeah. You learned it from the NDP who orchestrated this little “leak” to the media.

    Tommy Boy’s getting a little too full of himself. Arrogance isn’t a trait Canadians like in their politicians anymore.

  8. doconnor says:

    The CBC article quotes experts saying it a wise and prudent thing to do. They’ll be too busy during the election and the transition period is only a few weeks. Now is a good time at least get an understanding what kind decisions may be needed after the election.

    Among commenters here, I’ve noticed only Conservative party supporters declare they expect to win a majority.

  9. Kelly says:

    I don’t know where you saw anything about NDP transition planning but for people to issue “warnings” l’île This have become a tired cliche…”Don’t go measuring the drapes…etc.” Yawn.

    But one thing that has been surprisingly absent from this site is any mention of the NDPs excellent new ad…complete with Del Mastro perp walk…here… http://youtu.be/CmmSV1jtK3s

    It’s very well done and gets the entire message across with the sound off.

    The NDP are following Warren’s advice. The Liberals are not.

    The NDP ad has over 1000,000 views after just 1 day so I expect to see a lot of it on TV (either a 30s or 60s version) during the election.

    • Warren says:

      The CBC tranisiton story makes them look arrogant and cocky. Never good.

      • davie says:

        Come on , pal, get your adjectives straight: it’s the Conservatives who are ‘arrogant and cocky;’ the ND’s are ‘angry.’

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I would go with presumptuous and quite obviously, premature.

      • DJ says:

        1 day story in the middle of the summer. Perfect timing for the NDP. No one’s paying attention. Better to have this come out now than in Sept or Oct.

    • Matt says:

      Again, cocky to talk about CPC “scandal” when the NDP illegally used millions of taxpayer dollars to run satellite offices, and have arrogantly refused to pay the money back after being ordered to by the Board of internal Economy. “Oh, it’s just the Libs and CPC ganging up on us, so we aren’t repaying anything”.

      Just wait until the CPC war room turns it’s sights on Tommy. It’s going to get really ugly, really fast for the bearded one.

      • smelter rat says:

        Remind me again of how many CPC MP’s and assorted hack and flacks have been fond guilty of election fraud?

        • Matt says:

          I ‘ll remind you that in cases like the attempted fraud in Guelph, it was THE CONSERVATIVES that first pointed the finger at Michael Sona.

          And in the cases of Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau it was THE CONSERVATIVES that kicked them from caucus and led the charge to suspend them from the Senate (And yes, fair point it was Harper who appointed them)

      • JJackson says:

        Next CPC attack ad in response to the NDP perp walk attack ad:
        “Tom Mulcair owes Canadian taxpayers $2.7 Million which he refuses to repay — elect him and the NDP will never repay the stolen money!”

  10. Dan F says:

    Everyone gets a transition ready, but the first rule of transition to power is don’t talk about transition to power.

      • SeanFordyce says:

        And there is no evidence that it is the NDP who talked about it.

        This kind of criticism is not going to be helpful to Liberals — if it comes out they are doing the same this will bite them — if it comes out that they are not, it will bite them worse.

  11. Bill says:

    NDP are right to gloat.

    CPC been kicked in gut today with BoC confirmation of recession.

    LPC bloggers haven’t even been able to get excited over team Trudeau(and I’m being kind)

    Wish I were an NDP supporter…I’d be strutting my stuff too right now.

    • Matt says:

      Bank of Canada governor said no such thing. He said a TECHNICAL recession.

      That is different than a recession.

      • Matt says:

        Enter recession

        The contraction in growth through the first six months of the year stemmed from sharp declines in oil industry investment in things like new projects and employment as well as drop-off in exports as the global economy slowed, the bank said.

        Odds of a rate cut grew steadily in recent weeks as trade data showed the country’s economy continuing to slow through the spring and early summer.

        “The downward revision reflects further downgrades of business investment plans in the energy sector, as well as weaker-than-expected exports of non-energy commodities and non-commodities.  Real GDP is now projected to have contracted modestly in the first half of the year.”

        The bank expects growth to pick up again this summer and through the balance of 2015.


        • Joe says:

          So lets see here according to you gleefully Canada is in a recession. Sadly for you the question then becomes who best to handle it? Tommy (I don’t pay my bills) Mulcair? Justin (the Ferrari pedal car) Trudeau? or Stephen (I did a good job keeping Canada safe during the last downturn) Harper.

          • Matt says:

            Gleefully in a recession?

            I said it’s a technical recession that may already be over.

          • Joe says:

            Sorry Matt this was aimed at Bil.

          • Bill says:

            Harper campaigned on no deficits in 2008 precisely as Lehman was falling in the US and the TARP program was being enacted. He was either lying or ignorant of that pledge he was making.

            He did a wonderful job in enacting stimulus….the same stimulus that the coalition had budgeted for.

            Harper couldn’t envision economic turmoil then, and he can’t now.

            When you put all your eggs in the oil basket, you reap what you sow.

          • Joe says:

            In 2008 Harper had a majority? No? Oh so who insisted that we run a deficit to ‘fight the recession’? The NDP, Liberals and Bloc you say? Well isn’t that a surprise. If you force the government to use your idea and your idea turns out to be not so good and so you blame the government you might be a partisan hack that is severely lacking in honesty.

          • doconnor says:

            “If you force the government to use your idea and your idea turns out to be not so good and so you blame the government you might be a partisan hack that is severely lacking in honesty.”

            The government didn’t do enough for 2 out of 3 opposition parties. Here we are years later the Conservatives fully in control for four year, stimulus had ended and austerity has begun and we are in a rescission again. It’s is clearly the Conservative’s responsibility to deal with it.

          • Joe says:

            So you think the government controls recession doconnor? Really? You are that economically challenged that you think the government can turn the economy up or down like a thermostat? Wow! just WOW! Next thing you will telling me the government can control the weather by taxing plant food.

      • Bill says:

        Hahahah…yeah, you spend your time explaining to average person the diff between a recession and a technical recession.

        Keep plucking that chicken

        • JH says:

          And you’re really so happy about it too. Are all Dippers like this? If so, not much of appeal to those struggling.

  12. Steven says:

    All the pre-writ antics, spin, counter-spin, chest-thumping, Harper 24/7, who-looks-best in a cowboy hat, etc. make me feel like I am watching an endlessly bad talent show.

    P.S. I am sticking with the Liberals. Enough with the “Trained” Economist and the Separatist Foot Masseur.

  13. davie says:

    The campaign against the Libs has been that JT is just not ready. ND’s are simply indicating that they are ready.

  14. chuckercanuck says:

    Can I mention another thing aside from hubris and arrogance? This is a fun reminder that these Dippers are going to need a lot of help putting together a competent government. Maybe we’ll all be safer giving them an extra four more years of consultation on this.

  15. Mark says:

    Hope the NDP are presumptuous and have to eat crow, but people like Himelfarb and Zussman, transition experts both, think it’s prudent. I don’t disagree.

  16. Matt says:

    Given Mulcair’s thumping that the reason exports and the manufacturing sector were so low was because of the high dollar, how does he explain the fact that, as confirmed by the BoC Governor, exports and the manufacturing sector have NOT bounced back despite 8 months of a dollar hovering around 80 cents?

    • The Doctor says:

      The answer is easy: Mulcair wants the dollar to be much, much lower — remember Nikki Ashton and her praise of the fiscal acumen of Greek governments . . . you can devalue your way to wealth and prosperity, just ask any lefty.

      • smelter rat says:

        I’ll give you a dollar if you can post a link that proves that she praised the fiscal acumen of the Greek government.

        • The Doctor says:

          She specifically tweeted “NO to austerity!”. Which speaks volumes about the general NDP attitude towards fiscal responsibility.

          And because I’m fiscally responsible, I don’t need a dollar from you, thanks.

  17. Simon says:

    But Warren, is leaking the transition team necessarily a mistake?

    If one was charitable, one could interpret the leak as “preparing people for an NDP government”.

    Better now then 2 weeks before voting day, causing people to get sudden cold feet. Instead, talk about a possible NDP government now, and get all the bogeymen out of the way.

  18. SeanFordyce says:

    Mulcair is being attacked for taking steps to be prepared by the same people who would absolutely pillory him if he won on October 19 and had not done this.

    The NDP is merely acknowledging the possibility that they could win and making sure they are not caught unprepared should that happen. These are tough time for the economy, the environment and the country. Any party over 20% in the polls today and asking for a mandate ought to be preparing for what they would do with one.

    I want to hope Trudeau is doing the same because we would all pay if he were somehow fortunate enough to be elected and he had not done any of this.

    • lance says:

      SeanFordyce wrote, “Mulcair is being attacked for taking steps to be prepared by the same people who would absolutely pillory him if he won on October 19 and had not done this.”

      Except, no one matters on October 19th, they do now.

  19. Major Healy says:

    This reeks of arrogance. They’ve already started to measure the PMO for drapes and called in the interior decorator because “they’ve pretty much won already”.

    The fact that we know about this means that the NDP leaked this to the media to give the impression of them being ready. The only thing is, this is incredibly similar to the situation that existed in BC, Toronto and Winnipeg Mayoral elections not too long ago. The expectation and ill-placed confidence NDP folk carry from early polls are exactly what make e-day so painful for them. S

    o instead of trying to create a readiness narrative, they’ve created one of entitlement.

  20. doconnor says:

    On of the main reasons people don’t vote NDP is because people don’t think they can win. That’s why they can suddenly rise in the polls when they look like they have potential. It is in the NDP’s interest to create the perception that they can form the government, despite the risk of putting off some people who are already disinclined to vote for them.

    • Very true! And I don’t see who can have a problem with a party making sure it’s prepared in case of victory. Except of course those who don’t want this party to win.

  21. Matt says:

    Rumour Harper will go the the GG as early as August 6th (Some are saying Aug 20th) to drop writ and start the campaign.

    Longer writ period means:

    higher spending limits – Advantage Conservatives.

    National post reports since 2011, the CPC have raised $64 million, the Liberals $45 million (BUT they were spending 50 cents trying to fundraise for every dollar coming in) and the NDP have raised close to $23 million.

    Knee-caps anti Conservative pre- writ third party advertising from unions, Engage Canada and the like – Advantage Conservatives.

  22. Jeff says:

    Reminds me when the Vancouver Canucks set up the plans for the parade ahead of game 7.

  23. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Being from BC, I’m increasingly wondering if this is going to turn into one of those “socialist hordes at the gates” elections.

    Clearly, Albertans are quickly learning that there’s merit to this assertion. Watching Notley sell out their province to Couillard has got to be painful. Quebec wants a share of the take on a pipeline, as if the $9.5 billion in equalization they collect every year, generated almost entirely by western oil and gas wealth isn’t enough? You just can’t make up s**t like this!

    Best take away line of the day comes from Brad Wall…

    “Maybe we need to have equalization payments start flowing through a pipeline to finally get one approved through Central Canada.”


    Oh, how I hope he runs for Harper’s job one day!!!

    • smelter rat says:

      Another of Al’s “Observations From a Parallel Universe”. Collect ’em all!

    • Ron says:

      Thanks for the warning.

    • JJackson says:

      A possible educational attack ad from the CPC coffers:

      “The Canadian economy is supported by manufacturing, agriculture, natural resources such as mining and oil & gas. Due to a drop in global oil prices we must displace importing oil into Eastern Canada because it’s an insecure supply from countries in turmoil. The Canada East oil pipeline would do this but Liberal premiers are stopping it. Why? Ask Justin Trudeau if he agrees with his Liberal premiers.”.

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