07.22.2015 08:30 AM

G. I. Joke

Love this. Oh, and anyone who has cell phone numbers for his personal staff? Post ’em in comments.  There’s no better way to torpedo a campaign for a day or two.



  1. doconnor says:

    Does he really believe what he is saying, like Rob Ford, or is just saying what needs to be said to win the Republican nomination? Which is more dangerous?

    I suspect he is saying what needs to be said. He said radically different think when he ran for the nomination of Ross Perot’s Reform party,

    • Matt says:

      He’s just an asshole. And a fraud.

      For the first time ever, I agree with something the Huffington Post has done.

      They’ve decided to report all stories about this douchebag in the entertainment section instead of the news section.

  2. Peter says:

    Heh. What is telling about this is that it’s in a popular conservative tabloid in his home town. Given the gong show of the last Republican primaries, Trump, Palin, Ford and assorted other embarrassing crazies, I think the right may be starting to tire of it’s idealized “ordinary folks”. Justin may want to be careful about embracing the popular culture lest he find himself on a front page photographed with Honey Boo-Boo just when elites are coming back in style. Maybe if the GOP were smart, they’d bribe the Boston Brahmins to take over for a term.

  3. cynical says:

    Trump is an expert in military affairs the way Harper is an economist.

  4. Ray says:

    World’s. Greatest. P.O.S.

  5. Kelly says:

    The problem with Trump is that he allows real dangerous crazies like Walker, Rubio, Cruz and Huckabee to position themselves as “thoughtful” and serious. The general centre of debate gets pushed further and further to the right. There are candidates who hope to be President who actively fight the right for workers to strike. Think about some other countries and places and times (including today) where it was illegal to go on strike. Meanwhile everyone is distracted by fireworks. Warrens column was bang on today.

  6. davie says:

    I thought his comment about McCain was right on. The reaction of those defending the freedom’s warriors myths that Americans create about themselves is what seems a little unbalanced to me.

  7. Don Wilson says:

    Donald Trump is the Kim Kardashian of this election. He is famous for being famous. Content-free. Watch for his new book of selfies to be embraced by art critics and political analysts alike

  8. edward nuff says:

    this has to be a ploy to make hanging chad jeb look like the second coming of Lincoln. From fake baby sarah to trump the bigot any moderately sane person looks brilliant by comparison.

  9. Joe says:

    About the only time I ever agreed with Trump was when he called America on its definition of ‘War Hero’. Pilot Officer Andrew Mynarski VC was a war hero. Sargent Ernest (Smokey) Smith VC was a war hero. John McCain? Pfffffft

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