07.12.2015 09:08 PM

Is it unlawful to link to this web site?


But here it is anyway. 


  1. Kelly says:

    They want to protect their intellectual property assets? More like intellectual property asshats.

  2. Matt says:

    Remind me again how much taxpayer money went into these games.

    We own the site. I’ll link it to whomever the hell I want.

  3. Aurelia says:

    I’d love to see someone sue, because there is a public interest to this. I don’t want anyone to think it’s an allowable precedent. They didn’t even make it technically impossible to link to it, and how can anyone trademark a hashtag, especially a hashtag so vague? Lots of things are happening in Toronto in 2015. This violates twitters terms of service as far I know—it also pisses off lots of people who may enjoy the games.

  4. smelter rat says:


  5. Christian says:

    And you were wondering why Toronto wasn’t getting enthusiastic about the games. Between stupid moves like this and scaring the crap out of Torontonians to leave town or face CERTAIN TRAFFIC DOOM, its a wonder anyone is here at all. In my view the PR/marketing for these games has been a shambles.

  6. Harvey Bushell says:

    Good God! In internet business 101 one of the first things they tell you is how important it is for the viability of your website (and related business) to have as many people providing links to it as possible. Shit.. there are crooked software engineers in the former soviet union and other places writing illicit programs to flood websites with fake members and spambots to deposit links to websites just to get them on as many other sites as they can wherever and whenever possible. People pay money for that… sometimes a lot of money.

    They’re fools and we’re paying their salaries. UGH.

  7. edward nuff says:

    there are children hanging on to leaking boats in the mediterranean trying to escape north Africa who are going to drown today while we give gold medals to grown men riding little BMX bicycles in the latest junk sport Canadians seem to excel at. And so it goes. I.ll see myself out now.

  8. UFP Ambassador says:

    Well, there’s practically no coverage on TV, so why would we expect them to want eyeballs on the internet either?

  9. Tiger says:

    It’s of a piece with their other behaviour. Renaming sports venues because of sponsorship, which means we have no idea where things are, etc.


  10. GFMD says:

    Huge expenditure for minimal gain. And by PPs loose definition of putting money into the economy, then adscam was just of much of an economic boost for the country.

    If we must go farther down this silly road, at least make people choose between taking the money and being enttiled make a TFSA contribution or take a tax deduction for their RRSP contributions. That would really help guide the money to where it is most useful and keep the cost down.

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