07.07.2015 12:59 PM

Nine Inch Not A Good Idea, Pt. 2


Told ’em so.


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    George says:

    I can’t be the only one that finds it concerning that public officials, elected into leadership roles, are blissfully unaware and/or ignorant of the implications of copyright infringement. These people are in charge of billion dollar budgets? Scary.

    It’s one thing to photocopy your face over the face of another on a TIME “Man of the Year” cover (guilty, as charged, and yes, that dates me, this was before “Person of the Year”) for your high school student’s council election. It’s quite another in the era of the Internet to blatantly steal a corporate logo.

    Someone needs to tell Notley that the rock schtick had had its moment. Time to get to governing.

    They should all know better.

    /end grumpy old man schtick

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      Matt says:

      Well, it’s quite possible they had no idea who or what Nine Inch Nails are, or that the design was used without their permission.

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    graham watt says:

    When all else fails, use 9 inch nails? How can you copyright that?

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    Ron Waller says:

    I hope Harper wins a majority on 37% of the vote like Cameron in the UK. Just watch the corporate media claim Canadians have given Harper a resounding mandate for his low-tax small-government plan making him one of Canada’s longest-serving and greatest prime ministers.

    This will make it painfully obvious that Canada’s idea of democracy is a complete joke.

    Compared to developed countries we are a laughing stock: arbitrary First-Past-the-Post voting system (no party uses to elect its leader); aristocratic senate filled with partisans hacks put in place to limit democracy with “sober second thought”; some other country’s monarch as our head of state; news-media captured by plutocrats including the Canadian Press that wrote an anti-factual hatchet job on electoral reform that would’ve received a “F” if graded by a high school teacher.

    If we aspire to be nothing more than a joke, might as well be the most absurd one! (Plus it will be fun watching all the Stop Harper! hystericals run around like headless chickens.)

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