08.02.2015 10:18 AM

An hour and a bit later 



  1. Keith Richmond says:

    It looks kind of bad on Justin that he is not available to respond to the election call.

    • Ridiculosity says:

      Trudeau gave his response to the election call at 2 pm ET. http://bit.ly/1IxMhDl

      He was in the air flying to Vancouver when the election was called earlier this today.

      During the reporters’ questions (and he answered every one that was put to him), when asked why he didn’t change his plans to go to BC so he could respond this morning, Trudeau replied, “It’s very simple. Because BC matters, like every corner of the country and getting out of the Ottawa bubble is extremely important to Canadians. And second of all, I made a promise to the half a million British Columbians who will be celebrating PRIDE this afternoon; celebrating Canada’s diversity. And I’ll tell you something… No one’s going to get me to break my word – particularly not Stephen Harper. “

      • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

        The reporter asked Trudeau why he didn`t fly out early enough to respond when the other leaders responded…..NOT why did he come to Vancouver.

        Duly noted that Trudeau did NOT answer that question.

        • davie says:

          Election announcement was timed for when JT was travelling.

        • terry quinn says:

          He would have to had flown out Saturday night to make the Harper announcement and he does have a family. secondly, what’s the difference between 10AM and 2PM which is 11AM in Vancouver. He did the right thing

        • Ridiculosity says:

          Trudeau answered the question quite clearly.

          Being in Vancouver at the Pride Parade and talking to British Columbians about real issues took precedence, in his opinion, and he certainly wasn’t going to break his word because of Stephen Harper.

          Trudeau made a decision. That’s what leaders do.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Not too many of us enjoy the red eye at three in the morning. A self-evident answer if ever there was one.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      I guess this is a great headline:


      If there was one flight to Vancouver per day I could understand, but really? Come on. Liberals, brace yourselves for a rough ride when something as simple as JT being on the ground when all eyes are looking for him.

      I would love to hear the lame, pathetic excuse for Mulcair failing to answer questions today. You NDP twits, are you putting a bubble around the leader on Day 1. Even Harper answered more questions than you. Pathetic! As an Orange-Liberal, you still have my vote, but will lose it if you try to out-Harper Harper.

      • The Doctor says:

        Early days, obviously, but I get the feeling the NDP want this election to be about one thing and one thing only: a referendum on Harper. Answering questions about the NDP platform distracts from that. If I were an NDP supporter, I’d be a bit concerned, just because during a long campaign I don’t think you can control the messaging that much.

  2. Keith Richmond says:

    And Mulcair taking no questions? Odd.

    • Ridiculosity says:

      Apparently Mulcair doesn’t want to answer Canadians questions because he’s refusing to participate in all but a few select debates, as well.

  3. edward nuff says:

    funny but i don’t ever remember newscasts broadcasting entire attack ads as news items but all week they played the con attack ads on mulcair as if they were breaking news. Talk about bang for your buck.

    • the salamander hordes says:

      .. the delightful implication Edward Nuff is this. Mulcair May Trudeau could each easily create 20 30 highly accurate ‘attack ads’ gleefully illustrating deceits, failures, obstructions, frauds, disasters.. even ludicrous Harper quotes, and of course portray Harper associates either convicted, under investigation, in jail, not in jail yet.. creating and distributing via guerilla tactics. If mainstream media was so kind as to air them, well AMEN. i’ve often pointed out the error in presuming Harper’s vanity TV series 24/7 cost much to create/produce. In fact its laughably amateur, dirt cheap, created by staffers (albeit paid by taxpayers). Video today is incredibly cheap.. Media buys on mainstream media cost big money though.. but having your own Youtube channel is a great alternative as is Twitter with a link etc.. the possibilities are endless..

  4. Pat Jackson says:

    Death On A Pale Horse

    And so it begins. Election 2015.

    A harbinger. 2 AUG 8 AM, Green Party Canada tweeted: “Greens don’t split the vote. Greens are the vote…” The simple delusion that has kept Stephen Harper in power for ten years. Einstein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    This was part of the winning formula that saw BC Liberals – an auxiliary of Conservative – jump from a dismal 9% approval to majority and the NDP, with an all but guaranteed win, dissolve through factionalism (Jenny Kwan’s attack on Carol James) – and, Greens splitting the vote.

    Hours after Harper dropped the hat, mysteriously, only boiler plate from Team Trudeau: “Liberals will create one bigger, fair, automatic, tax-free monthly benefit that will help families with the cost of raising their kids. #LPC” Considering the “burn-in” factor of these choice post announcement tweets, evidently this is the LPC’s centrepiece.

    Mulcair, ever the lawyer and mercenary, wasn’t keen on questions.

    Duceppe, 4hs in, via Google translate: “My greatest pleasure is to see you and talk with you. I look forward to seeing you in this campaign.” See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.

    I spend a lot of time at the racetrack. The summer has been long and dry. When the horses finish, they are hot, exhausted. So much so, some have had to take an extended hiatus. My advice to the fractured “progressive” vote: spend all of August and back-to-school “airing” – not running at best speed. This is a staggering war of attrition. Harper wants to bleed you.

  5. MississaugaPeter says:

    Minutes after calling the election, Harper claims he is saving Canadian taxpayers money.

    Probably true, his government will hopefully stop spending $10,000,000’s in truly partisan advertising on the taxpayer dime.

    Probably true, his government announced over a $B in projects the last few days, much more and we are going much deeper into deficit than we really are.

    This should be a slam dunk for the NDP and Liberals. Keep all attention on Harper’s record of lies. You gain votes and suppress CON morale if at the doorstep all CON workers hear about are his record of lies. Including today’s whooper, that the longer election period will save Canadian taxpayers. WHY STOP AT ABOUT 80 DAYS THEN, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED IN JANUARY, IMAGINE THE SAVINGS! No don’t. Matt will for you.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I like Mulcair but he just doesn’t have the warmth that Justin has. Jack sure did, with the team standing behind him. At least Mulcair smiles but that doesn’t quite do it.

  7. Peter says:

    I’m bored too. I don’t know if I can take eleven weeks of this sort of mindless bromide.

    Is there anyone running for any party in this election that anyone thinks may have an effect on the vote outside their constituencies? Has that ever happened before? The coverage of this campaign is going to resemble a 24/7 edition of Entertainment Tonight.

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