08.04.2015 11:19 AM

Calling Justin Trudeau “Justin” is clearly an evil Conservative mind control experiment

And it’s apparently working.



  1. Will says:

    It’s clear to me that the Tories are trying to diminish Trudeau by calling him “Justin”. The references to “Mulcair and Justin” are not accidental or particularly subtle. But you’re absolutely correct that the Liberals have opened the door to this. You can’t spend two years using your branding to imply your guy is a lightweight celebutante and then get mad when the other guys call your guy a lightweight celebutante.

  2. BillB says:

    If young leader Justin can win over the 18-28 y.o. voting cohort, he will have established a solid voting base that he can carry over into the next election. Might as well take the long view and aim for 2019 because the 2015 election result will be muddled.

  3. !o! says:

    It’s clever, in that it’s using the labels to redefine the brand, but it’s not particularly a new thing, and the ‘justin’ brand is particularly weak to this specific attempted redefinition because it’s a first name. At this point it’s an air war though— The LPC protects the brand and fills with the content they want, the CPC attempts to rewrite it and whichever side has the most coverage wins out. The LPC is incentivized to protect the brand, the CPC doesn’t want to overreach etc etc. It’s all interesting, but the feigned outrage is a tad silly.

  4. Ridiculosity says:

    The Conservatives can call Trudeau whatever they want.

    Canadians have more than a few choice names for Harper.

  5. davie says:

    Seems to me that Bush 43 was known for that, calling people by a first name, or, preferably, by a nick name that he came up with, a nick name usually ending with ‘y’ or ”ie.’ It’s a way of showing superiority, in a patriarchal pissing match kind of way.

    (…Of course, I still think Conservative elder reaction to JT’s F 18 comment shows that the comment was one of the better glimpses of what the Harper regime has always sold itself as being…)

    • Ted H says:

      Yeah, he called Putin “Pooty Poot” Putin probably thought what a jerk, I think I will annex parts of Ukraine some day

  6. JamesSmith says:

    Remember when Chretien spoke to the 2006 Liberal convention and said “Stephen, can I call you Steve, like your friend, George W.?” and the Conservative blogosphere turned into offended Social Justice Warriors?

    • Lance says:

      Remember when Chretien spoke to the 2006 Liberal convention and said “Stephen, can I call you Steve, like your friend, George W.?” and the Liberal blogosphere thought their leader was being exceedingly clever?

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Dare I continue to be apparently dismissive by continuing to call him Stephen? Who would have thought it.

  8. lou says:

    Evil indeed. Hard to imagine someone trying to use their name as a benefit. Pictures say 1000 words.

  9. Liam Young says:

    As in ‘Just in’ … implying no experience?
    Makes sense …

  10. Luke says:

    Oh my god this campaign is boring, tedious, and tiresome already and it’s barely begun. Maybe Harper is hoping that we’ll all be so tired of it that most of us (a) can’t be bothered to vote, or (b) kill ourselves for the mind-numbingness of it all.

  11. Melrose Munch says:

    Hi, this is my first post. I want to support the Liberals but campaign has been lackluster so far. They don’t have a plan. That’s the problem with Justin. He’s not taxing, he’s not spending, he not fixing the defecit and debt. He has nothing, so he’s last. He’s getting punked by a guy who has never had a real job and a career lawyer. Justin has a way better resume then Harper, his team sucks.

  12. Krago says:

    I remember watching an episode of ‘The Agenda’ on TVO where the Liberal spokesweasel constantly compared ‘Premier Wynne’ to ‘Tim’ and ‘Andrea’. Steve Paikin didn’t seem to mind.

  13. BillyB says:

    Harper is up to his old campaign tricks again by announcing a new program each day and forcing Justin and Mulcair to react negatively.

    Today Harper announces another government home renovation program within 2 years in relation to the economy improving.

    Mulcair attacks Harper saying he “got rid” of the previous home reno program and is now recycling it for the election.

    Justin proclaims his Liberal party would outdo any Harper promise with more money for the beleaguered middle class.

    Looks like Mulcair and Justin are like dogs chasing Harper’s car and barking in futility. Exciting…. eh?

  14. Priyesh says:

    You live by the personality-driven campaign, you die by the personality-driven campaign.

    Trudeau needed to announce policies a year ago, and the strategists just said “we don’t need to”. Now everyone’s painting his recent policy lists as desperate and cynical.

    • BillyB says:

      Priyesh — you make an interesting point and if you are replying to my above comment it’s quite insightful and relevant. FYI, I reposted my comment on the KCCCC topic thread where it applies better to the discussion. I invite you to make your same comment there to develop a good discussion on party strategies. Thanks. (sorry for the confusion, Warren.)

  15. fan590 says:

    This hit the media…just makes more people see Justin and realize he exists during the dog days of summer. Good for Justin.

  16. Ropshin says:

    I remember the signs in the Toronto Centre by-election that Freeland was running for “Team Justin” beside a dreamy looking picture of her leader. I thought it was pretty shallow and apparently someone agreed with me because now the signs read “Team Trudeau.”
    But whatever the name the Liberals may come to regret they hitched their wagon to such a light-weight.

  17. eraew says:

    nobody cares about your blog idiot….

    go to hell.

  18. smelter rat says:

    Take it up with Chantal. She nailed it.

  19. Billy Bo says:

    I’m a nobody afraid to use my real name. I will never be anything.

    • Billy B says:

      I am a piece of shit. I live in Toronto.

      • Billy B says:

        wow you tracked my IP so impressive Columbo. doesn’t change the fact your values are available to the top bidder. enjoy your life sponsored by CPC. at least be a man own the fact you are rising thy sponsor money from the CPC you readers should know where you loyalties lie. guess you don’t work at quebecor for that long and not expect your blood to turn blue.

  20. Joe says:

    So if M Trudeau doesn’t like being called Justin would he be happier if PM Harper called him le dauphin or shiny pony?

  21. Brooke V says:

    He branded himself that way, it seems so petty and immature on the Liberals part.

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