08.14.2015 12:15 AM

KCCCC Day 13: see you in two weeks, Canada 

  • I’m off (with Sons 1 and 3)! Leaving for Maine early this morn. Will be busy doing that, so quick hits:
  • The cheapest sneer is the sneer about someone’s faith: So Nigel Weight was asked why he helped Mike Duffy, and he cited Scripture. Almost immediately, the mocking began, and a lot of it was vicious. So what, I ask, is wrong with what he said? Would it have been somehow better to say something else? What, exactly? Sometimes people are just assholes.
  • Is the Care Bear thing turning into a thing? It didn’t surprise many folks when Justin Trudeau’s paean to emotional economics was mocked in the Sun and the Post. They don’t like him. But when the CBC got in on the act – well, that spells trouble, baby.
  • I love Denis Coderre – and here’s yet another reason why. He should be Prime Minister. It would be a hoot, if nohing else.
  • What if it’s 110/110/110/8? Increasingly, that is starting to look possible. Would Mulcair be able talk Trudeau into supporting him as PM, and not the reverse? Would they be able to set aside their mutual detestation? Will Harper head home to Calgary? Will Liz May table more truther petitions?
  • I’m outta here, baby. Off to the U.S. Of A! And here’s a highly manipulative Hollywood meme to prove it!


  1. MississaugaPeter says:

    Sorry WK, I diasgree with your second point.

    Read this commentary shortly after 4:00 a.m., and thought as you, isn’t it just typical of folks to mock Christian scripture. A good Christian can’t quote from the Good Book by being mocked by non-believers. Where is the freedom of religion?

    Then I ran across the headline:

    NDP chides Nigel Wright for Bible citation at Mike Duffy trial


    And was about to go ballistic against the NDP, unless Charlie Angus was no longer an NDP candidate. With Trudeau’s anti-conscience dictatorship, I thought I was now going to have to swing right to the CONS. But I listened to the comment by Charlie Angus, and once again, if you read just what the HEADLINE WRITERS write, you are not given the real context.

    GOOD POINT CHARLIE ANGUS! You are 100% right. Nigel Wright, quoting scripture about giving alms, is completely inappropriate. His gift-giving to protect his boss and to give a fatcat senator has nothing to do with helping the poor without fanfare. I would be ashamed of myself if I was him and tried to justify my 1% Elite Life donation to Duffy by using a quote from the Good Book. He should apologize about doing so today!

  2. Lance says:

    I can appreciate Wright’s piousness, however, somehow I think that this particular passage doesn’t apply to well off corrupt Senators, LOL

  3. The Stig says:

    In fairness, if Trudeau does end up as a second-rate Stockwell Day, it will be because of the boxing stunt before the debates. I don’t understand the reaction to the ‘from the heart’ quote.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      It’s an accumulation of factors that have eroded Trudeau’s credibility.

      I think the analogy to Stockwell Day is very apt.

      Both are photogenic and in pretty good shape. Both running against long-time incumbents who were admired by some and disliked by many. Both surrounded by advisers of dubious talent.

      Both have the propensity to speak before they have really thought things through.

      A stuffed animal was one of the final nails in Stock Day’s bid to become PM. Will it be the same story with Trudeau?

      • terry quinn says:

        Trudeau doesn’t lie or pander like Mulcair does. He says the same things in both languages. he has expressed pretty progressive positions on many things including the Aboriginal education fund he will create.

        Mulcair has a lot more baggage than Trudeau has. 50 plus 1 isn’t playing well in Ontario and with federalists in Quebec.

        • Lance says:

          Trudeau doesn’t lie or pander like Mulcair does. He says the same things in both languages.

          LOL Oh, DOES he now? 🙂

  4. Domenico says:

    Wright is peddling the same unbelievable story. This time in front of a court. And trying to play the pious man card in this odious mess is truly nauseating.

  5. Houland Wolfe says:

    WK: You’ve pinpointed my nightmare election scenario. Let’s assume that Harper cannot achieve the worst-case outcome, that of another majority government. The next worse case is where he achieves a dominant plurality, not enough for a majority but significantly more seats than either the NDP or Liberals who are squabbling over the terms of a coalition or accord. Off he goes to his friend the Governor General who agrees that the Cons should have first chance at running the government. Harper’s Speech from the Throne, full of election goodies, is lost on a confidence motion. Harper returns to the GG, stating the opposition parties are in no agreement to govern and his request for another election is granted. The Cons, the only ones with any money left, then dominate the next campaign and gain their majority.

    Have I scared you yet? I trust that the NDP and Libs see this future risk and are now laying out the framework for a viable accord or coalition.

  6. P. Brenn says:


    Trudeau line seems to be pulled from Obama …ok to use other guys stuff but use it in right context

    Stuck on this darn duffy stuff when economy , healthcare , jobs should be focus ….

  7. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Trudeau is simply proposing that we need a more caring and just government. His policy plank in support of Aboriginal youth is a perfect example as opposed to Harper who deep-sixed the Kelowna Accord so he could build more unneeded prisons, etc.

  8. davie says:

    Sneering at references to scripture: very bad!
    Sneering at doubts about 9/11 official version: politically correct!

  9. Bruce A says:

    I can’t understand why people don’t keep their faith to themselves. It’s nice they have their faith and convictions but too often it’s used to justify things and actions that are dodgy.

    Further, the shine is off Mr. Wright’s finely bluffed media image. He’ll buy his way out like so many of the Bay Street Clubbers. A phony government and divided citizenry is all we’ve got. Nasty attitudes and vindictivness is Steve’s legacy.

    Perhaps Peter Goldring has a point afterall. Perhaps they require body cameras and electronic surveillance. They can turn C-51 on themselves.

    As for the phony election campaign, it’s last goal wins and I’m afraid one’s going to bounce off Steve’s noggin.

  10. fares says:

    “…Charlie Angus was at the courthouse in Ottawa where Nigel Wright’s cross-examination was unfolding. Angus scoffed at Wright quoting scripture from the Book of Matthew at one point, saying Wright should have been quoting the passage from Luke that says what you do in the dark will be revealed in the light.”

    • Joe says:

      I assume that means the 2.7 million the NDP spent inappropriately? Can anyone outside of Canada believe that this is even a scandal? No I’m not excusing Duffy but seriously someone actually decided to settle up with the taxpayers of Canada and we are trying to make him out to be the bad guy!?!

  11. Canuckistanian says:

    So unfair to criticize the genteel and Godly Nigel Wright for quoting Scripture!

    The Power of Christ Compelled him to pay off Duffy’s improper expense account claims as part of a covert conspiracy to protect the PM from political scrutiny. I mean, Jesus did say “blessed are the expense account padders”.

  12. Jon Adams says:

    I hope the Care Bear thing sticks, because if that sidebar banner with the inexplicable smug, condescending, patronizing middle-aged woman staring at me like she’s trying burn a hole through my iPhone screen with her mind doesn’t change between now and Election Day, I’m voting JT just to spite lazy ham-fisted advertising.

    • jen says:

      Voting this comment way up. That is straight-up aneurism/ seizure triggering condescension in the sidebar. I’ll vote for anything but the party of that paternalistic zombie.

  13. Derek Pearce says:

    Yeah…. I don’t think you’ll find many takers for your second point. Hypocritical use of scripture is fair effing game for mockery. He’s not fooling anybody with that alms-giving BS.

    Anyhow, on a lighter note, enjoy your vacay and your nuptuals! Congrats again!

    • Phil Evans says:

      Well said …. if Nigel Wright is getting tossing out “alms for the poor” in $90K increments, there are many causes considerably more worthy than Mike Duffy.

  14. Cliff says:

    I’m a witless douche bag. Send spam to Cliff1974@gmail.com

  15. patrick says:

    I’m going to quote a fantasy to justify my behaviour – well it works with “trickle down (piss on you) economic theory” so why not.

  16. billg says:

    In June of 2015, 220,000,000.00$ was paid out by the Ontario government to various regions in upper state New York, Quebec and Manitoba for our excess hydro, that if anyone cares brings the total to 1,100,000,000.00$ the amount paid in 2015..so far. How many people could get much needed medical careand mental care for 1.1 Billion dollars? When did this kind of wasted money not matter anymore.
    Yet, a clumsy attempt to pay back 90g’s to taxpayers becomes a scandal and a media circus.
    Very few people know Nigel Wright, the commentors on this web site certainly dont know him, yet, the comments are filled with hate and a certainty he is guilty of something only because he doesnt work for “their side”.
    There is no doubt that if the situation was reversed the Conservatives would be doing the accusing, and, Conservative partisans would be irrationally finding some person guilty just because they were Liberal or NDP.
    Its a bit sad really.
    Oh, and in the last hour the taxpayers of Ontario lost another 300g’s and someone somewhere couldnt get help for their Autistic child.
    Back to CBC and the Duffy/Wright/Harper trial of the century.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      This is a federal election, whatever screwups OPG is committing are irrelevant. Duffy has been charged with taking a bribe yet the person who gave the bribe has not been. That’s worthy of discussion.

  17. Nicole says:

    I know the Harper talking point right now seems to be that 90k isn’t a big deal, but the amount was never the point. Interfering with the results of an audit in order to avoid embarrassing Harper and his hand picked Senators was always the goal of the PMO and Wright in particular. There is nothing noble about Wright’s actions and the continued cover up has shown many players willing to protect the party brand as opposed to respecting Canadian taxpayers and shedding light on the senators who are abusing the system. If Duffy had been hung out to dry from the outset, there would have been some embarrassment for Harper, but it would have ended there. Instead, the hits keeping on coming for the Liberal and NDP war rooms.

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