08.16.2015 08:25 AM

KCCCC Day 14: we get letters!


  • I’m on a beach in Maine. Lala is asleep, as are most of our four teenage boys. I am watching people do odd yoga things or walk their dogs. 
  • The election seems far, far away. However, sometimes you get a note that is so thoughtful, so pithy, it brings back the wonder and joie de vivre of campaigns in a rush. Here it is, and have a good one. I know I will. 



  1. DougM says:

    And the coward used Tor to hide his location. Well you know what they say, “haters gonna hate” and “neanderthals gonna um…neander?”

  2. Rainclouds says:

    Oooops sorry Warren, wrong website. Thought It was the CBC. My Bad

    S. Harper

    • harvey busehll says:

      Yeah, I too was musing about which of the federal leaders would have sent that message.

      Harper would be the one who most wanted to but I have a feeling he’s an extreme Luddite esp when it comes to computers. He probably still uses Window 3.1 at home just for emailing family on birthdays and holidays (when they’re apart and he can’t give them his usual firm handshake) and even then only when his kids help him out.

      Mulcair? Nah, he’s got more important things to concentrate on pretending he’s happy and in love with life and the world in general.

      May? Don’t think so, even when she’s drunk she still seems too polite to swear with such inhibition.

      Trudeau? He’s got the motive and the ability. He’d likely prefer boxing gloves but since that’s highly improbable an anonymous tirade of obscenities could have been his M.O.

      I’m leaning heavily towards Trudeau.

      I’m not forgetting Duceppe but if he’d done it it would have been in French.

    • DavidS says:

      best reply of any thread,,

  3. davie says:

    Ah…every time you post one of these it reminds me of a small incident circa 1980.
    I phone rang one mid afternoon, and I answered, saying, ‘Hello.’
    “Dumb ass” the kid said. Then, when I didn’t say anything, he added, “You’re a stupid dumb ass.”
    I looked out our kitchen window to my neighbour’s house across the street. I recognized his 10 year old kid’s voice.
    I said something like, “It’s really a nice day out. It’s a great day to be out playing ball or something like that.”
    The kid hesitated a few seconds. Then he nailed me.
    ” Meanie!” he blurted, and then he hung up.

    Later he was out in his yard playing ball with his brother and my kid.

    Thanks for the memory! (It’s summer vacation, right?)

  4. Patrick Rogers says:

    Ummmm….someone needs to tell Mr(or Ms) Fuck U, that based on their own post they waste time reading a 3rd rate commentator. Maybe they should stick to the 1st rate commentator sites and they would be more happy! 🙂

    Mr (or Ms) Fuck U definitely likes to waste their time. Hopefully they run along now and don’t distract our commentator from giving us more juicy info. Its “Superbowl for nerds” right now and Mr Kinsella helps deliver our fix.


  5. debs says:

    still feeling the love, its so nice when people reach out and tell you how they really feel.

  6. fucku says:

    hey Warren… calm down… I don’t really hate you

    I am just a loser who just installed the Tor browser. (my IP is anonymized)
    I am enjoying the trill of posting bullshit on various board for 1 day or 2

    CALM DOWN… ahhahahahahah

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    When my dentist could have hit a nerve last week, I was glad for the novocain. Same thing in politics, with a good shot of Kinsella.

    I’m told it works just great on numbed brains. Enjoy your vacation and don’t forget Saco!

  8. Derek Pearce says:

    While you have said quite unkind things about all 3 parties and their leaders, why do I assume it was a Con supporter who sent that to you? Am I wrong to think so?

  9. Marlene Anderson says:

    Warren, whatever heat you applied clearly sizzled this poster’s bacon. And s/he will continue to make extraordinary efforts to be part of your readership because outrage gives a high equivalent to anything you can snort, smoke or inject. So hurrah for that. A pundit without readers is a nullity.

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