08.24.2015 07:22 AM

KCCCC Day 22: Election 42, as seen from Maine

  • So, we got hitched down by the ocean. Nothing fancy, lots of family and friends, Hot Nasties reunion, lobster, weather was great. And I got to marry my best friend. Not bad.
  • Kind messages were received from Jean Chretien, John Turner, Kathleen Wynne, Dalton McGuinty, John Tory and Laureen Harper. Thoughtful words sent along by lotsa other folks, too, of every political persuasion.
  • In attendance at the wedding? Politicians, politicos, hacks and hackettes. And, between courses, there was a lot of gossip about the election taking place back home. Here’s a sampling of observations, synthesized.
  • “It’s a bit like an American election.” Down here, primaries and general elections go for month after month after month. There’s tons of advertising, intermittent debates, and very little public attention paid to the proceedings. Sound familiar?
  • “It’s the pre-season. Nobody’s paying attention.” Unless and until there is something to persuade them to pay attention – like an exciting candidate (Obama 2008) or a candidate to be angry about/with (Trump 2015) – Joe and Jane Frontporch are much more preoccupied with soaking up the last of summer’s rays, or getting the kids ready for school, or whatever. They simply have not clicked in to this election.
  • “Trump represents a new kind of politician, like Rob Ford.” They are angry, populist, and they say whatever pops into their tiny craniums. But there is clearly a constituency for what they are saying, and how they are saying it. In the Canadian election, there is no one like them. Harper is the incumbent, Trudeau has spent more time at 24 Sussex than Harper has, and Mulcair is fully a part of the Central Canadian Establishment, however much he denies it. So who gets the growing Angry Vote?
  • Anyway, gotta go. Got a tent to take down, and the remaining rentals to take back. It’s a bit foggy still, but we wish you were all here with us later on, to have a drink down on the beach, and talk politics. Have a terrific day back home. See you tomorrow.


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    Mike says:

    “So who gets the growing Angry Vote?”

    Doug Ford when he wins the leadership after Harper steps down because he got a minority.

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    Ryan says:

    What did everyone make of the of Star opinion article on Sunday that said Kathleen Wynne needs to stop being involved in the federal campaign. They didn’t complain when she’s been attacking Harper for months so one can only assume that they want her to stop attacking Mulcair as they begin to realize he’s the best chance to oust Harper.

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    Priyesh says:

    The “how they’re saying that” matters a lot. I think people are tired of politicians lying to them, or even just being so restrained. There’s something very honest about Ford and Trump. Yeah, even though they’re lying. The feeling is they say what they really mean.

    Look at the excitement across the pond:

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      doconnor says:

      There is also Bernie Sanders.

      Perhaps we’ll see candidates like that in upcoming leadership contests.

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    Marc-André Chiasson says:

    A beautiful bride, lobster, family and friends, good music, electoral chatter…and the calming rolling fog of the Atlantic. What more could a CARP rocker ask for? Best wishes to both of you.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I say fuck conventional wisdom and the political herd mentality. That’s what predicted a Marois win and a Wynne loss.

    Why people can’t find policy is beyond me. What do they call his announcement on veterans’ benefits and the others released since the start of the campaign???

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    The Stig says:

    It’s way too early to say that Trudeau is playing for third. I think he’ll end up second to Mulcair, myself. If we’re lucky, second to Mulcair in a minority. I think people are paying just enough attention to notice that Trudeau isn’t nearly as green-looking as the Cons would suggest and the Duffy trial is hurting Harper in a real (and hopefully) sustained way.

    Congrats on the wedding.

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    pod says:

    I agree with THE STIG

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    Sam Barker says:

    This is what will happen. Minority government. NDP at 3rd as punishment for their crypto-separatism. The NDP are very dirty. Canadians are about to learn how dirty. Visit http://www.meetthendp.ca for an appetizer. Libs at 2nd. Trudeau will learn the divine right of kings is no longer operational. Cons at 1st with the Reformites in the wonderfully ironic position of having to rely on the Trudeauites to maintain their power. It will either be a healing exercise in washing away bad blood – or their heads will explode.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    Things are about to shift following today’s reality check. Millions of investment (retirement) accounts are taking serious hits. Alberta unemployment numbers are up a reported 75%, and their new NDP government is hell bent on making the situation worse as fast as they can.

    Meanwhile, Mulcair and Trudeau can’t promise enough billions in new spending, and obvious tax hikes to pay for it all. Trudeau’s “I’m going to tax the rich and give it to the middle class” ad is just bloody well pathetic!

    The only one talking plain common sense is Harper, and people are going to start paying attention to him now. Damn few, for all the Media Party’s efforts to the contrary, give a rat’s ass about anything to do with Duffy.

    Harper ain’t stupid. They’re keeping the proverbial powder dry for the big run to the finish line, long after the other two clowns have blown theirs all to hell.

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    Bill Templeman says:

    JT was here in Peterborough this afternoon (Aug 24) at a surprising impressive rally. He spoke well and connected with the audience of about 700. The Liberal Road Campaign Machine functioned very smoothly, like the roadies setting up for a Stones concert they have run a 100 times before. Flawless. And he talked briefly about policy (pledge to veterans) which was well received. Lots of volunteers, lots of energy. This upbeat event did not look like a lethargic show put on by 3rd place finishers who know they are cooked. Precisely the opposite. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2015/08/24/full-house-for-trudeau-rally The closet ballot question of the afternoon: “Which of our local candidates has the best chance of beating the Conservatives?”…

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      Don Wilson says:

      Bill Templeman: Like your Stones roadies, Trudeau is working for yesterday’s band. For the 65% of Canadians who really want to get rid of Harper, Trudeau’s Liberals are toast. Here’s why:

      * Liberals’ support for Bill C-51
      * Lack of clear policies on environmental issues, including Tar Sands oil
      * Lack of clear policies across the board– too many waffle words
      * Too much dictatorial control by party elites of policy, nominations, & campaign strategy
      * Rejection of coalition-building to defeat the Cons.

      Toast. Done. 3rd place finishers. Pump-up rallies aren’t worth shit.

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      m5slib says:

      I’m gonna echo that. I was at the Regent Park rally in Toronto, and the energy was great. The event was well organized and efficient, and both Wynne and Trudeau were great. I could be very wrong about this, but I think Trudeau’s performance will eventually pay off, along with the organization that seems to be in place. Harper hasn’t been on message because the message has been Duffy, and Trudeau has been the best campaigner out of the three. I have to qualify though that I just can’t understand Mulcair’s appeal (if he has any), so maybe there’s something I’m misunderstanding. I’d love to see what the situation is in 3-4 weeks, but I think Trudeau’s position will be improved. Or not. We’ll see.

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    Maps Onburt says:

    Congratulations Warren… I can’t believe Lisa went through with it! 🙂

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