09.02.2015 09:10 PM

I have become the cranky old guy of the the Canadian political Internet 



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    EB says:

    Or, worse still, the comments on National Post articles.

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      Justin says:

      Toronto SUN online comments are pretty scary.

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        Nicole says:

        Reading the comments of any news site makes one despair for the future of humanity.

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    Doogie says:

    But the anger, the frustration, the confusion, the hatred, have all been festering for the last 10 years…. and now all the neuro-psycho-whackos are letting it all ooze out in technicolor. Frightening because if Harper is re-elected I fear we may have civil unrest and even assassination attempts because I fear all that pent up viciousness cannot cope with another 4 years of Harper rule !!!

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      DougM says:

      That isn’t acceptable. In one’s lifetime there will be many many years when the government in power is not the one you voted for. Trust me, as a middle-aged conservative I know. 😉 Civil unrest, pent up viciousness etc, that is the behaviour of spoiled brats. You don’t like what is happening in politics you get involved. That means joining a party, getting involved in your local EDA, doing actual work to help your party succeed. Voting is easy part and the minimum amount one can participate in this democracy. What is the saying? You get the government you deserve.

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        Joe says:

        Viciousness and flagrant references to nazism,fascism, communism, choose your ism has no place in civil discourse. Why are we surprised at all of this given the unanimity of social media and the infiltration of unscrupulous information? Genuine issues that are raised always result in unintelligent banter involving one’s mother, beliefs, or exaggerated political leaning. Political parties are no more impunity either, since they are geared to a message that will grab our attention like the dog seeing the proverbial squirrel and pull us out of the exact discourse we need.

        That’s one is the reasons I enjoy this board so much, there is very little of that type of childish, unintelligent banter (Warren’s policing notwithstanding). It’s one of the very few places that I feel comfortable interacting with a Tory, Grit, Dipper, or anyone else and actually appreciate, but not necessarily agree with, the real issues.

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          DougM says:

          Well said Joe.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    Sigh. I’ve seen werse.

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    e.a.f. says:

    that maybe true, so its a good thing you got married to that lovely young woman recently. Had you waited, who knows.

    So Rosie Barton did a nice job today with Chris Alexander. Best show for awhile.

    Next good show maybe the raid up in northern B.C. by the RCMP against First Nations people. In the middle of an election, exercising Bill C-51. that with the Bruce carson trial, who knows.

    Cat videos. O.k. they deserve equal time with dog videos. It all better than the dog and pony shows that pass for politics right now. the trials are more fun.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    EB I completely agree with you. In general any site that isn’t closely moderated degenerates fairly quickly into unproductive ad hominems. And Doogie, I think the visciousness and whack-a-loonery is represented equally an all sides of the spectrum. If I was to sink to your level I’d say “I fear civil unrest and assassintation attempts if Harper is not elected because the fantically viscious cannot cope with the Cons out of power!!” But no, I won’t say that 😉

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    Alex says:

    I can’t get the image of the Syrian boy lying on the beach out of my head. I have a two-year old son and I can’t help but cry about what his father, who reportedly survived, is going through.

    At this time thinking of political implications seems obscene. While I want Harper to lose in the upcoming election, it is completely unhelpful to spend energy on demonizing Chris Alexander, or taking partisan shots at the Tories. It is much better to focus on a plan on how Canada can significantly increase the number of Syrian refugees that we take in.

    But as Davide Reevely of the Ottawa Citizen said on twitter: “Any politician who addresses a complex problem by emphasizing targets rather than the means of achieving them is bullshitting.” The goal right now is not to have a contest of which political party can come up with the largest target of Syrian refugees to take in (though, for the record, I think it should be in the tens of thousands at least). Rather, we need to come together as a country across all party lines and have a serious discussion on how we will accept more Syrian refugees, and the logistics that this will entail on the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

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