09.17.2015 07:13 PM

My reaction to the Globe and Mail’s debate


  1. pod says:

    This guy running this is terrible. Where is SP

  2. davie says:

    I watch sports on tv (quality of my life).
    When I saw the Maclean’s debate, I thought that I was watching HNIC; they even divided the ‘game’ into periods. During those intermissions, they had Elliott, Rudy and PJ tell us what we saw, and what we would see next.
    G&M seems to be doing the same…although, they are doing a good job of narrowing ‘the economy’ down to what the G&M figures that the economy is.

    Hats off to the sport networks for giving us this model for our political leaders’ debates.

  3. cynical says:

    Piss poor moderation. This is a waste of time. Signal to noise ratio is fractional.

  4. Matt says:


    Moderator asked Mulcair THREE TIMES what the cost of his cap and trade plan would be.

    Mulcair wouldn’t give a dollar figure.

    But yeah, the moderator seems to think people are there to se him.

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      Both Mulcair and Trudeau plan to stuff carbon taxes up Canadians’ butts, that much is clear.

      Increased payroll taxes. Increased corporate taxes.

      Taxes that inevitably get added into the cost of living for the working stiffs.

      Taxes that cut into the ability to expand businesses and create new employment.

      Enough people still get that.

      The differences between Harper and the other two wannabes, having heard this debate, could not be more clear.

  5. Matt says:

    How does Mulcair turn a question about housing into an answer about $15 a day daycare?

    Oy, and the moderator has lost control.

  6. Michael Bluth says:

    Has Angry Tom come out because of rage about the Papineau poll story?

  7. pod says:

    2- Harper
    3- Mulcair

  8. cynical says:

    If Harper truly hates the “Laurentian Elite”, Walmsley must personify it. What a fatuous, ineffective, self-important twat.

  9. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Where was the moderator when Mulcair and Trudeau were being unbelievably obnoxious, rude and interruptive!!!!????


    Mulcair: TAX AND SPEND!!! (in a condescending tone)

    Trudeau: TAX AND SPEND MORE!!! (in a panicky tone)

    Harper: Stay the course, reduce taxes when feasible, control spending. (in an adult tone)

    Harper won, full stop.

  10. Houland Wolfe says:

    Steve Paikin would have been so much better as moderator. He would have stopped the incessant over-babble. The Editor-in-Chief couldn’t moderate a meeting of his own editorial team.

  11. Jane says:

    1. Harper 2. Trudeau 3. Mulcair

  12. Christian Giles says:

    The Jays because of a solid offense and decent pitching…oh you mean the debate? Uh..didn’t really watch it but from I did see the moderator lost. Total lack of control.

  13. Brent Crofts says:

    My 9 year-old repeatedly asked me why the young one on the end kept interrupting the grown men. Nuff said. I think Harper and Mulcair came across as very reasonable. I think Trudeau really embarrassed the Liberal brand with all the interruptions and juvenile flailing around. I remember how dignified Chretien used to seem during these things and just shook my head.

  14. Steve Warnar says:

    Harper won ( but I am slightly biased ) just sayin’
    Mulcair a distant 2nd. The beard turns me away.
    Trudeau a far far 3rd . To loud to pushy to much ” ah ” .

  15. Sean says:

    Trudeau should appear in a glass jar where he could be seen thrashing about but not heard.-such would be politically safer. But regrettably his air sucking, loud, empty barrel, voice betrayed him. He said Mulcair should balance Mr. Harper’s budget. Mulcair suggested that Trudeau is confused by his advisors. Trudeau wants to raise taxes so he can cut them. Trudeau ( loud, riddled with anxiety, hopped up on testosterone ) didn’t hit the broad side of a barn door with any of his memory work.

  16. Maps Onburt says:

    I really think Warren has it right with his tweet. I am SO tired of listening to the talking heads give us THEIR opinions and then having the politicians acting like juvenille delinquents for the cameras as a result of all this “gotcha” journalism and 15 second sound bites. I’m very tempted to just turn it all off until after election day. In terms of this debate, they all lost but frankly Canadians suffered most. In terms of least offensive it would be PM Harper, then Mr. Mulclair and far, far, far behind Mr. (if you can call someone that juvenille) Trudeau. Someone should have shut off their microphones. The moderator should be taken out back and given the coup d’grace. I’m a political junkie but it was all I could do not to just turn it off. I missed the first segment but I didn’t hear a word of French so what happened to Mulclair and Trudeau’s protestations about how important it was? I count them lucky as they didn’t have to listen to this crap.

  17. Ron Brown says:

    No matter ones political leanings, Trudeau showed his immaturity. He continually interrupted both of the other leaders was rude and for this listener acted like a spoiled child. He obviously has never witnessed the decorum of a true debate. He came across like the street bully!

    Many of his proposals that he repeated where generalities and locker room raw raw.

    Is he the Trump of Canada’s election.

    • Scott says:

      This is a typical non Liberal comment. Both Mulcair and Harper try to cast Trudeau as a lightweight but he doesn’t take their crap. He put the wind up both of them many times during the night.

  18. DougM says:

    2. Mulcair/Harper
    3. Trudeau

  19. JH says:

    Well anyone who watched certainly didn’t come out a winner. 2 wasted hours really, but I’ll give Mulcair points for the quick jab on the puffs of smoke remark. At least that provided a giggle and maybe a John Prine Illegal Smile.

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