09.29.2015 01:33 PM

Top secret 

Without boring you with the details, I may be returning to the public airwaves soon. 

Horrifying, I know. But when and if it becomes official, I will officially have details to share. 

Lala, too. She’s smarter and better looking than me. 


  1. Pipes says:

    Yeah!! I have always said you should have your own show! It’s about damn time! I really hope it happens.

  2. harvey bushell says:

    Hurrah for cable access TV!


    (just kidding, good luck 🙂 )

  3. cassandra says:

    ohhhohhh, I know, they finally are going to get a smart, talented large blended family that has class to replace the awful Kardashian Klan:)

  4. ottlib says:

    I agree, your wife is much better looking than you.

  5. Student501 says:

    Will this show have occasional musical interludes by SFH ?

  6. Mark says:

    I KNEW Peter Mansbridge was going to retire soon!

  7. DougM says:

    Awesome, I was hoping you’d get on the new SiriusXM Canada Talks channel!

  8. tom paine says:

    morning schmo on fox?

  9. JH says:

    Has to be Global – they really need a top opinionated political show at the supper hour to compete. Not to mention on Sundays as well. Tom Clark’s just not cutting it – really lost a step. I’m in – Barton’s really bad and losing it a lot lately and Martin is just oily, with that smarmy grin.

  10. Eric Weiss says:

    Good to hear.

  11. David Paterson says:


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